E-SI MS 1 (fragments in/reinforcing the binding)


Description: fragments of antiphoner. These fragments include: a segment of notated which has survived as a pastdown, that is, glued to the codex's hardcover (this segment has antiphons and alleluiaticus for an Advent feria vespers and matutinum); a stripe of notated parchment of approximately 25mm wide which is used as reinforcement of E-SI MS 1's binding between ff. 271v-272r (too narrow to identify its chants); and an even smaller fragment placed, also to reinforce the binding, on the top internal corner of ff. 153r-v (a fragment too small to identify any chant, with only a few neumes visible on its 153r side and some letters on its 153v side).  These fragments seem to have belonged to the same antiphoner to which E-SI fragmento musical 26 used to belong; the notation and textual script in these two groups of fragments resemble those in F-Pn n. acq. lat. 2199. Both the fragments in E-SI Ms 1 and in E-SI fragmento musical 26 include a second verse in some of their antiphons and alleluiatici, a feature only present very rarely in other Hispanic rite manuscripts (for example, in some Advent offices in f E-L Ms 8, manuscript in which these second verses were added by a second hand).

Date: late 9th to early 10th century.

Origin: though they have been preserved in Silos, there is no evidence to proof they were copied there.

Liturgical tradition: A.

Randel responsorial tone melodic tradition: N/A (no responsories preserved in these fragments, but if they actually were a part of the same antiphoner as E-SI fragmento musical 26, its responsorial tone group would be 'León').

MS 1 (fragments in/reinforcing the binding)
Source type: 
See 'Origin' above
Manuscript / Print: 
9th-early 10th century
Indexed by: 

Raquel Rojo Carrillo


DÍAZ Y DÍAZ (1983)


RAMOS ROJAS (in Catálogo del Archivo del Monasterio de Santo Domingo de Silos, 2006)

VIVANCOS (in Hispania Vetus, 2007)

Chants identified by ROJO CARRILLO for SEMM (2024).

Submitted by Raquel Rojo Carrillo
Post date: 30 Apr 2024 | Last update: 17 May 2024