E-L (León) Ms 8


Antiphonary (type of manuscript containing chants for the Old Hispanic cathedral ordo, i.e. vespers, matutinum and mass, plus tertia, sexta and nona on penitential days) for the entire liturgical year. Different hands added in f. 1r an office of litanies, a hymn for Saint Michael, the monogram of king Fernando I of León, and a credo. F. 1v has a miniature and rubrics with a dedication of the manuscript from Totmundo to the abbot Ikilanus, as well as a chant. It has a computational chart at f. 2r, followed by a series of 11th century prologues (ff. 2v-3r). In f. 3v it has an 'Adnuntiationes festivitatum' (probably from the 10th century), including chants. F. 4r has a postcommunion. An alfa features p. 4v, where we can also see the monograms of Alfonso, Sancho and García, the sons of King Fernado I and Queen Sancha. Notated chants for Saint James are included in f. 5r, and an Oviedo cross (in f. 5v). F. 6r has an illustration mentioning 'Ikilani'. Following this there is a Hispanic calendar (ff. 6v-9r) and computational tables and charts (ff. 10-19v), and a treatise discussing them (ff. 20r-27v). A sanctus is included in f. 28r and a full-page illustration in p. 28v specifying that it is a 'LIBER ANTIPHONARIUM DE TOTO ANNI CIRCULO'.

Date: second half of the tenth century. Other dates: 900-905 (De Luca, 2016); first third of the tenth century (Gros, 1978); first half of the century (Díaz y Díaz, 2007); tenth century (Pinell, 1978 and 1965; Randel, 1973; Vives, 1955; Rojo y Prado, 1929); eleventh century (Sunyol, 1925; García Villada, 1923; Clark, 1920; Férotin, 1912; Riaño, 1887).

Possible provenances: East of León (Díaz y Díaz, 2007); area around León (Gros, 1978; Deswarte, 2013); Beja/ S. Cipriano de las Riberas del Porma (Zapke, 2007); based on a southern model (Gil, 2013; Millares Carlo et al., 1999; Pérez de Urbel, 1968 and 1954; Anglés, 1938; Wagner, 1928).

Liturgical tradition: A

Randel responsorial tone tradition: León.

Ms 8
Source type: 
Kingdom of León (see 'Description' above)
Manuscript / Print: 
Page layout (mm): 
330 x 240
Main text: mid-tenth century (Castro Correa, 2013-15; Deswarte, 2013; Zapke, 2007; Millares Carlo et al., 1999; Janini, 1977; Anglés, 1931). More in 'Description' above.
Indexed by: 

Raquel Rojo Carrillo with Emma Hornby and Kati Ihnat


Anglés (1931)
Asensio (2003)
Brockett (1968)
Brou (“Fragments…”, 1952)
Clark (1920)
Díaz y Díaz (2007 and 1983)
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Fernández de la Cuesta (1983 and 1980)
FÉROTIN, D.M., Le Liber Mozarabicus Sacramentorum et les manuscrits mozarabes (F. Cabrol, H. Leclercq, & M. Férotin (eds.), Monumenta Ecclesiae Liturgica, Vol. 6. Paris: Librairie de Firmin-Didot et Cie., 1912), pp. 913-22.
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Rojo y Prado (1929)
Sunyol (1925)
Vives (1955)
Zapke (2009 and 2007)

Submitted by Raquel Rojo Carrillo
Post date: 03 Apr 2017 | Last update: 11 Aug 2017

Chants of the source

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Folio Incipit Feast Mode Cantus ID
001r 1 Ego dixi d[omine]* MH ANT 1 Letanias * h03106
001r 2 Tibi dixit* MH ANTV Letanias * h03106b
001r 3 Sitivit an[ima mea]* MH ANT Letanias * h03277
001r 4 Sicu[t cervus]* MH ANTV Letanias * h03277a
005r 1 Locutus est dominus discipulis... MASS SCR Jacobi g03513
005r 2 Cum tradiderunt vos nolite... MASS SCRV Jacobi g03513a
005r 3 Cavete ergo ab hominibus tradent... MASS SCRV Jacobi g03513b
029r 1 Lux orta est justis et rectis V VPR Aciscli
029r 2 Laetamini justi in domini et... V VPRV Aciscli
029r 3 Laetantur in domino et exsultant... V VPRV Aciscli
029r 4 Alleluia justi in perpetuo vivent... V SNO Aciscli h01594
029r 5 Alleluia fulgebunt justi et... V SNOV Aciscli h01594a
029r 6 Justi epulentur et exsultent in... V ANT Aciscli
029v 1 Justi jucundentur alleluia et... V ALL Aciscli
029v 2 Vox laetitiae V ALLV Aciscli
029v 3 Sanctorum meritis V HYMN Aciscli * h00625
029v 4 Sicut lilia munda floruerunt... V PSLD Aciscli h03273
029v 5 Super populum tuum benedictio tua MH ANT 3 Aciscli
029v 6 Videbunt quum exultatione magna... MH ANT Aciscli
029v 7 In Jerusalem cum maximo solatio... MH ANT Aciscli
029v 8 Gaudium et laetitiam tenebunt... MH ALL Aciscli
029v 9 Sit nomen domine benedictum MH ALLV Aciscli
029v 10 Vox laetitiae MH ALLV Aciscli
029v 11 Beati servi illi quos cum venerit MH RS Aciscli h02041
029v 12 Beati qui persecutionem patiuntur... MH RSV Aciscli h02041a
029v 13 Audite populi omnes quia dominus... MH ANT Aciscli h00650
029v 14 Annuntiate deum in unversa terra... MH ANT Aciscli
030r 1 Annuntiate vocem jucunditatis et... MH ALL Aciscli
030r 2 Laudate nomen domini MH ALLV Aciscli
030r 3 Venientes de regione longinqua... MH RS Aciscli h02600
030r 4 Omnes gentes plaudete manibus... MH RSV Aciscli h02600a
030r 5 Aedificentur muri Jerusalem tunc... MH ANT 50 Aciscli h00646
030r 6 Apparuit dominus de monte Pharam... MH ANT C Aciscli h00648
030r 7 Benedicti sunt omnes qui diligunt... MH BNMT Aciscli
030r 8 Quis deus magnus sicut deus noster MH SNO Aciscli h02939
030r 9 Honorificus in sanctis mirabilis... MH SNOV Aciscli h02939a
030r 10 Sanguinem justorum requiram ego... MASS PRLG Aciscli h00753
030r 11 Vox laetitiae et salutis MASS PRLGV Aciscli h00753a
030r 12 Anima nostra sicut passer erepta... MASS PSLM Aciscli h00780
030r 13 Nisi quia dominus erat in nobis MASS PSLMV Aciscli
030v 1 Torrentem transgressa est anima... MASS CLM Aciscli
030v 2 Benedictus dominus qui eruit nos MASS CLMOV Aciscli
030v 3 Alleluia Gaudium et laetitiam... MASS LDS Aciscli h00888
030v 4 Venite benedicti patris mei... MASS SCR Aciscli h00408
030v 5 Sedebit dominus supra sedem... MASS SCRV Aciscli
030v 6 Quum venerit filius hominis in... MASS SCRV Aciscli
030v 7 Esurivi et dedistis mihi manducare... MASS SCRV Aciscli h00408c
031r 1 Exortum est in tenebris lumen... V VPR Romani
031r 2 Beati gens cujus est dominus deus V VPRV Romani
031r 3 Directam fecit viam justorum et... V VPRV Romani
031r 4 Gaudete justi in domino rectos... V SNO Romani h01685
031r 5 Confitemini domino in cithara in... V SNOV Romani h01685a
031r 6 Cantate ei canticum novum bene... V SNOV Romani h01685b
031r 7 Dabo sanctis meis dicit dominus... V ANT Romani h00661
031r 8 Dabo vos nominatos in gloria... V ALL Romani
031r 9 Laudate pueri dominum V ALLV Romani
031r 10 Dabi sanctis meis regnum in... V PSLD Romani h03223
031v 1 Deus a Libano veniet et sanctus V ANT Suff. Adventus h00664
031v 2 Deus virtutum nobis cum susceptor... V ALL Suff. Adventus
031v 3 Ecce nomen domini venit de... MH ANT 3 Romani
031v 4 Ecce dominus venit de longe beati MH ANT Romani
031v 5 Ecce deus noster ecce dominus in MH ANT Romani
031v 6 Ecce dominus veniet et omnes... MH RS Romani h02149
031v 7 Salvabit dominus tabernacula Juda... MH RSV Romani h02149a
031v 8 Da nobis domine* MH ANT 50 Romani
031v 9 Laetitia sempiterna* MH ANT C Romani
031v 10 Sancti et humiles corde* MH BNMT Romani
031v 11 Quis deus magnus* MH SNO Romani
031v 12 Beati mundo corde quoniam ipsi... MASS PRLG Romani h00686
031v 13 Beati pauperes MASS PRLGV Romani h00686a
031v 14 Transivimus per ignem et aquam et MASS PSLM Romani h00856
031v 15 Probasti nos deus sicut probatus... MASS PSLMV Romani h00856a
031v 16 Igne nos examinasti MASS CLM Romani
032r 1 Alleluia Gaudete justi in domino... MASS LDS Romani h00887
032r 2 Regnum et potestas et magnitudo... MASS SCR Romani h00634
032r 3 Consurgens Michael princeps magnus... MASS SCRV Romani h00634a
032r 4 Egredietur virga de radice Jesseet... V VPR Romani
032r 5 Et dominabitur a mari V VPRV Romani
032r 6 Dominus sicut fortis egredietur et... V ANT Romani
032r 7 Exiet virga de radice Jesse in MH ANT 1 Romani
032r 8 Dominus ut fortis egredietur et... MH ANT 2 Romani
032r 9 Annuncietur in Sion nomen domini... MH ANT 3 Romani
032r 10 Egredietur dominus de Samaria per... MH RS Romani h02177
032v 1 Ecce veniet in nubibus dominus et MH RSV Romani h02177a
032v 2 Ego ante te ibo dicit dominus V ANT Romani
032v 3 Ego ante te ambulabo et montes V ANT Romani
032v 4 Veniet ad locum suum dominus quem MH ANT 1 Romani
032v 5 Veniet desideratus cunctis... MH ANT 2 Romani
032v 6 Alleluia veniet dominus in Sion... MH ANT 3 Romani
032v 7 Veniet dominus et apparebit in... MH RS Romani h02601
032v 8 Et levavit signum in nationibus... MH RSV Romani h02601a
032v 9 Mitte nobis domine auxilium de... V ANT Romani
032v 10 Mitte quem missurus es alleluia ut MH ANT Romani
033r 1 Veniet dominus in regem super... MH ANT 1 Romani
033r 2 Veniet dominus cum senibus et... MH ANT 2 Romani
033r 3 Veniet de Sion qui eripiat avertat MH ANT 3 Romani
033r 4 Ecce dominus de Sion veniet et MH RS Romani h02145
033r 5 Et erit in novissimis diebus... MH RSV Romani h02145a
033r 6 Exortum est* V VPR Caeciliae
033r 7 Alleluia Vox laetitiae et salutis... V SNO Caeciliae h00387