E-L (León) Ms 8


Antiphonary (type of manuscript containing chants for the Old Hispanic cathedral ordo, i.e. vespers, matutinum and mass, plus tertia, sexta and nona on penitential days) for the entire liturgical year. Different hands added in f. 1r an office of litanies, a hymn for Saint Michael, the monogram of king Fernando I of León, and a credo. F. 1v has a miniature and rubrics with a dedication of the manuscript from Totmundo to the abbot Ikilanus, as well as a chant. It has a computational chart at f. 2r, followed by a series of 11th century prologues (ff. 2v-3r). In f. 3v it has an 'Adnuntiationes festivitatum' (probably from the 10th century), including chants. F. 4r has a postcommunion. An alfa features p. 4v, where we can also see the monograms of Alfonso, Sancho and García, the sons of King Fernado I and Queen Sancha. Notated chants for Saint James are included in f. 5r, and an Oviedo cross (in f. 5v). F. 6r has an illustration mentioning 'Ikilani'. Following this there is a Hispanic calendar (ff. 6v-9r) and computational tables and charts (ff. 10-19v), and a treatise discussing them (ff. 20r-27v). A sanctus is included in f. 28r and a full-page illustration in p. 28v specifying that it is a 'LIBER ANTIPHONARIUM DE TOTO ANNI CIRCULO'.

Date: second half of the tenth century. Other dates: 900-905 (De Luca, 2016); first third of the tenth century (Gros, 1978); first half of the century (Díaz y Díaz, 2007); tenth century (Pinell, 1978 and 1965; Randel, 1973; Vives, 1955; Rojo y Prado, 1929); eleventh century (Sunyol, 1925; García Villada, 1923; Clark, 1920; Férotin, 1912; Riaño, 1887).

Possible provenances: East of León (Díaz y Díaz, 2007); area around León (Gros, 1978; Deswarte, 2013); Beja/ S. Cipriano de las Riberas del Porma (Zapke, 2007); based on a southern model (Gil, 2013; Millares Carlo et al., 1999; Pérez de Urbel, 1968 and 1954; Anglés, 1938; Wagner, 1928).

Liturgical tradition: A

Randel responsorial tone tradition: León.

Ms 8
Source type: 
Kingdom of León (see 'Description' above)
Manuscript / Print: 
Page layout (mm): 
330 x 240
Main text: mid-tenth century (Castro Correa, 2013-15; Deswarte, 2013; Zapke, 2007; Millares Carlo et al., 1999; Janini, 1977; Anglés, 1931). More in 'Description' above.
Indexed by: 

Raquel Rojo Carrillo with Emma Hornby and Kati Ihnat (description), Pablo F. Cantalapiedra (index)


Anglés (1931)
Asensio (2003)
Brockett (1968)
Brou (“Fragments…”, 1952)
Clark (1920)
Díaz y Díaz (2007 and 1983)
Deswarte (2013)
Fernández de la Cuesta (1983 and 1980)
FÉROTIN, D.M., Le Liber Mozarabicus Sacramentorum et les manuscrits mozarabes (F. Cabrol, H. Leclercq, & M. Férotin (eds.), Monumenta Ecclesiae Liturgica, Vol. 6. Paris: Librairie de Firmin-Didot et Cie., 1912), pp. 913-22.
García Villada (1923)
Gil (2013)
Gómez Muntané (2001)
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Gutiérrez (forthcoming)
Huglo (2009)
Janini (1977)
Luca (2016)
Millares Carlo (1999 and 1961)
Pinell (1998 and 1965)
Randel (1973 and 1969)
Riaño (1887)
Rojo y Prado (1929)
Sunyol (1925)
Vives (1955)
Zapke (2009 and 2007)

Submitted by Raquel Rojo Carrillo
Post date: 03 Apr 2017 | Last update: 10 Jan 2022

Chants of the source

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Folio Incipit Feast Mode Cantus ID
001r 1 Ego dixi d[omine]* MH ANT 1 Letanias * h03106
001r 2 Tibi dixit* MH ANTV Letanias * h03106b
001r 3 Sitivit an[ima mea]* MH ANT Letanias * h03277
001r 4 Sicu[t cervus]* MH ANTV Letanias * h03277a
001r 5 [...] MH ALL Letanias
001r 6 [...] MH ALLV Letanias
001r 7 Tu es deus poenit* MH RS Letanias h03422
001r 8 Usquequaque* MH RSV Letanias h03422a
001r 9 In firmamento* MH LDMT Letanias h02984
001r 10 Miserere et parce* MH RS Letanias h02361
001r 11 Miserere* MH RSV Letanias h02361b
001r 12 Miserere domine miserere plebi tuae MH ANT Letanias * h03326
001r 13 Ad te levamus* MH ANTV Letanias h03326a
001r 14 Miserere deus omnium* MH ANT Letanias h01864
001r 15 Convertere domine * MH ANTV Letanias h01864b
001r 16 Miserere domine captivis* MH ANT Letanias h03354
001r 17 Domine* MH ANTV Letanias h03354c
001r 18 Propitius* S RS Letanias h02454
001r 19 Adjuva* S RSV Letanias h02454a
001r 20 Propitius esto* S ANT Letanias h03368
001r 21 Et sana* S ANTV Letanias h03368b
001r 22 Propitius* S ANT Letanias h03369
001r 23 Convertere* S ANTV Letanias h03369b
001r 24 Perfice S ANT Letanias h03540
001r 25 Salvos S ANTV Letanias h03540a
001r 26 Respice tribulationem* N ANT Letanias h03355
001r 27 Ad te levamus * N ANTV Letanias h03355c
001r 28 Respice de caelo domine* N ANT Letanias h03350
001r 29 Convertere* N ANTV Letanias h03350b
001r 30 Respice domine* N ANT Letanias h03349
001r 31 Oculi nostri* V2 ANT Letanias h03427
001r 32 Ad te levamus* V2 ANTV Letanias h03427a
001r 33 Portio mea* V2 ALL Letanias h01581
001r 34 Miserere mei* V2 ALLV Letanias h01581b
001r 35 Deus nostrum refugium* MH ANT Letanias h02836
001r 36 Propterea non* MH ANTV Letanias h02836a
001r 37 Elegit nos* MH ANT Letanias h01839
001r 38 Omnes gentes* MH ANTV Letanias h01839a
001r 39 Salva nos domine* MH ALL Letanias h01657
001r 40 Et congrega* MH ALLV Letanias h01657a
001r 41 Qui sedes super thronum* MH RS Letanias h02490
001r 42 Tibi derelictus* MH RSV Letanias h02490b
001r 43 Parce domine* T RS Letanias h02431
001r 44 Domine miserere* T RSV Letanias h02431a
001r 45 Cognoscimus* T ANT Letanias h02701
001r 46 Ad te levamus * T ANTV Letanias h02701c
001r 47 Sequimur* T ANT Letanias h03389
001r 48 Convertere * T ANTV Letanias h03389c
001r 49 Corripiens* T ANT Letanias h02767
001r 50 Domine* T ANTV Letanias h02767a
001r 51 Tu domine virtutum* S RS Letanias h02581
001r 52 Aperi manuum* S RSV Letanias h02581a
001r 53 Tu domine virtutum* S ANT Letanias h03378
001r 54 Tu exsurgens * S ANTV Letanias h03378b
001r 55 Tu dominus noster* S ANT Letanias h03379
001r 56 Convertere domine* S ANTV Letanias h03379a
001r 57 Tu nobis es* S ANT Letanias h03380
001r 58 Deus* S ANTV Letanias h03380c
001r 59 Exaudi de caelo* N ANT Letanias h03178
001r 60 Ad te levamus * N ANTV Letanias h03178b
001r 61 Exaudi domine placare* N ANT Letanias h03184
001r 62 Convertere* N ANTV Letanias h03184b
001r 63 Exaudi nos domine* N ANT Letanias h03189
001r 64 Memento * N ANTV Letanias h03189b
001r 65 Auxilium meum* V2 ANT Letanias h02541
001r 66 Levavi oculos* V2 ANTV Letanias h02541a
001r 67 Veniat super* V2 ALL Letanias h01953
001r 68 Salutare tuum * V2 ALLV Letanias h01953a
001r 69 Dominus adjutor meus* MH ANT Letanias h02906
001r 70 Et refloruit caro* MH ANTV Letanias h02906a
001r 71 In templo domini* MH ANT Letanias h01459
001r 72 Dominus virtutem * MH ANTV Letanias h01459a
001r 73 Misericors et miserator* MH ALL Letanias h01426
001r 74 Beatus vir qui timet * MH ALLV Letanias h01426a
001r 75 Salus nostra* MH RS Letanias h02502
001r 76 [...] MH RSV Letanias h02502a
001r 77 Converte domine* T RS Letanias h02074
001r 78 Memento nostri* T RSV Letanias h02074a
001r 79 Respice de caelo* T ANT Letanias h03350
001r 80 Convertere domine* T ANTV Letanias h03350b
001r 81 Si peccata nostra* T ANT Letanias h03390
001r 82 Domine refugium * T ANTV Letanias h03390b
001r 83 Peccavimus cum* T ANT Letanias h03391
001r 84 Ad te levamus * T ANTV Letanias h03391a
001r 85 Converte nos deus* S RS Letanias h00018
001r 86 Converte nos* S RSV Letanias h00018a
001r 87 Converte nos* S ANT Letanias h02751
001r 88 Ad te levamus * S ANTV Letanias h02751b
001r 89 Converte nos deus* S ANT Letanias h02751
001r 90 Ostende nobis * S ANTV Letanias h02751a
001r 91 Deus tu convertens* S ANT Letanias h02843
001r 92 Exaudi nos * S ANTV Letanias h02843e
001r 93 Ego sum deus ambulate* N ANT Letanias h03123
001r 94 Audite haec omnes gentes * N ANTV Letanias h03123a
001r 95 Ego sum et pactum* N ANT Letanias h03125
001r 96 Attende popule meus * N ANTV Letanias h03125b
001r 97 Ego sum deus et non est N ANT Letanias h03124
001r 98 Deus deorum * N ANTV Letanias h03124a
001r 99 Tibi Christe splendor patris vita... H Michaelis 008403
005r 1 Locutus est dominus discipulis... MASS SCR Jacobi g03513