E-L (León) Ms 8


Antiphonary (type of manuscript containing chants for the Old Hispanic cathedral ordo, i.e. vespers, matutinum and mass, plus tertia, sexta and nona on penitential days) for the entire liturgical year. Different hands added in f. 1r an office of litanies, a hymn for Saint Michael, the monogram of king Fernando I of León, and a credo. F. 1v has a miniature and rubrics with a dedication of the manuscript from Totmundo to the abbot Ikilanus, as well as a chant. It has a computational chart at f. 2r, followed by a series of 11th century prologues (ff. 2v-3r). In f. 3v it has an 'Adnuntiationes festivitatum' (probably from the 10th century), including chants. F. 4r has a postcommunion. An alfa features p. 4v, where we can also see the monograms of Alfonso, Sancho and García, the sons of King Fernado I and Queen Sancha. Notated chants for Saint James are included in f. 5r, and an Oviedo cross (in f. 5v). F. 6r has an illustration mentioning 'Ikilani'. Following this there is a Hispanic calendar (ff. 6v-9r) and computational tables and charts (ff. 10-19v), and a treatise discussing them (ff. 20r-27v). A sanctus is included in f. 28r and a full-page illustration in p. 28v specifying that it is a 'LIBER ANTIPHONARIUM DE TOTO ANNI CIRCULO'.

Date: second half of the tenth century. Other dates: 900-905 (De Luca, 2016); first third of the tenth century (Gros, 1978); first half of the century (Díaz y Díaz, 2007); tenth century (Pinell, 1978 and 1965; Randel, 1973; Vives, 1955; Rojo y Prado, 1929); eleventh century (Sunyol, 1925; García Villada, 1923; Clark, 1920; Férotin, 1912; Riaño, 1887).

Possible provenances: East of León (Díaz y Díaz, 2007); area around León (Gros, 1978; Deswarte, 2013); Beja/ S. Cipriano de las Riberas del Porma (Zapke, 2007); based on a southern model (Gil, 2013; Millares Carlo et al., 1999; Pérez de Urbel, 1968 and 1954; Anglés, 1938; Wagner, 1928).

Liturgical tradition: A

Randel responsorial tone tradition: León.

Ms 8
Source type: 
Kingdom of León (see 'Description' above)
Manuscript / Print: 
Page layout (mm): 
330 x 240
Main text: mid-tenth century (Castro Correa, 2013-15; Deswarte, 2013; Zapke, 2007; Millares Carlo et al., 1999; Janini, 1977; Anglés, 1931). More in 'Description' above.
Indexed by: 

Raquel Rojo Carrillo with Emma Hornby and Kati Ihnat


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Asensio (2003)
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Vives (1955)
Zapke (2009 and 2007)

Submitted by Raquel Rojo Carrillo
Post date: 03 Apr 2017 | Last update: 11 Aug 2017

Chants of the source

Displaying 801 - 900 of 5308 chants.
Folio Incipit Feast Mode Cantus ID
073r 9 Sit nomen V2 ALLV Nativitas Domini
073r 10 A solis ortu* V2 HYMNV Nativitas Domini
073r 11 Speravit anima* V VPR Stephani
073r 12 Benedic anima mea* V SNO Stephani
073r 13 Facta est vox de caelo dicentis V ANT Stephani
073v 1 Frenebunt cordibus suis adversus... V ANT Stephani
073v 2 Christus est vita* V HYMNV Stephani
073v 3 Liberabo eum dicit dominus... V PSLD Stephani
073v 4 Gloria mea* M ANT 3 Stephani
073v 5 Sederunt principes et... M ANT Stephani
073v 6 Lapidabant Stephanum qui erant in... M ANT Stephani
073v 7 Comportaverunt Stephanum viri... M ANT Stephani
073v 8 Elegi virum de plebem meam in M RS Stephani
073v 9 Ego dominus dabo impiis pro morte M RSV Stephani
073v 10 Stephanus plenus gratia et virtute... M ANT Stephani
074r 1 Dum lapidaretur Stephanus genibus... M ANT Stephani
074r 2 Impetum fecerunt unanimes adversus... M ANT Stephani
074r 3 Super acervum lapidamv laetate est... M RS Stephani
074r 4 Quid retribuam domino pro omnibus... M RSV Stephani
074r 5 Gratias ago deo qui me confortavit M ANT Stephani
074r 6 Gaudeo in passionibus meis qui... M ANT Stephani
074r 7 Stephanus vidit caelos apertos et... M RS Stephani
074v 1 Alleluia in laboribus* MASS PRLG Stephani
074v 2 Ps justi me ditabitur sapientia et MASS PSLD Stephani
074v 3 Alleluia elegerunt apostoli... V SCR Stephani
074v 4 Surrexerunt autem quidam ex... V SCRV Stephani
074v 5 Lux orta est* V VPR Eugeniae
074v 6 Via justorum* V SNO Eugeniae
074v 7 Justorum animae in manu* V ANT Eugeniae
074v 8 Justorum animae corona dei* V ALL Eugeniae
075r 1 Sancti tui domine velud oves... M ANT Eugeniae
075r 2 Sancti tui domine mirabile... M ANT Eugeniae
075r 3 Via justorum rectac facta est... M ANT Eugeniae
075r 4 Sancti in terram suam dupplicit... M RS Eugeniae
075r 5 Et dabo opus eorum in veritate M RSV Eugeniae
075r 6 Santi* MASS PRLG Eugeniae
075r 7 Mirabilis deus in sanctis tuis MASS PSLD Eugeniae
075r 8 Manda deus virtuti tuae confirma... MASS PSLDV Eugeniae
075r 9 Alleluia Beati qui habitant in... MASS LDS Eugeniae
075r 10 Omnes viri adque mulieres* MASS SCR Eugeniae
075r 11 Gloria et honore coronasti* V VPR Jacobi
075r 12 Benedic anima mea* V SNO Jacobi
075r 13 Coronavit eum dominus et benedixit... V ANT Jacobi
075v 1 Corona gratiarum coronavit eum... V ALL Jacobi
075v 2 Potens in terra V ALLV Jacobi
075v 3 (...) V HYMNV Jacobi
075v 4 (...) V VRS Jacobi
075v 5 Fortitudo simplicis via domini... M ANT Jacobi
075v 6 Os justi meditabitur sapientia et... M ANT Jacobi
075v 7 De ore justi procedunt mella... M ANT Jacobi
075v 8 De ore justi procedet doctrina... M RS Jacobi
075v 9 Os justi meditabitur sapientia et... M RSV Jacobi
075v 10 Factus est* MASS PRLG Jacobi
075v 11 Spem dedisti mihi domine haec me MASS PSLD Jacobi
075v 12 Superbi iniquae agebant... MASS PSLDV Jacobi
075v 13 Sapientia justum deduxit per viam... MASS SCR Jacobi
075v 14 De ore ejus procedet justitiam... MASS SCRV Jacobi
076r 1 Beatus qui non abuit mertitia in MASS SCRV Jacobi
076r 2 Ego servus tuus et filius ancillae MASS SCR Jacobi
076r 3 Credidi propter quod locutus sum... MASS SCRV Jacobi
076r 4 Vota mea domino reddam in atriis MASS SCRV Jacobi
076r 5 Justus ut palma florebit sicut... V VPR Joannis Evang.
076v 1 Bonum est confiteri domino et... V VPRV Joannis Evang.
076v 2 Liberasti corpus meum ab omni... V ANT Joannis Evang.
076v 3 Vidite dominum facie ad facie... V ALL Joannis Evang.
076v 4 O domine ego servus tuus V ALLV Joannis Evang.
076v 5 Iste electus* V HYMNV Joannis Evang.
076v 6 (...) V VRS Joannis Evang.
076v 7 Ego dilexi te dicit dominus ecce V PSLD Joannis Evang.
076v 8 Vir iste sustulit mortuos ab... M ANT Joannis Evang.
076v 9 Justum in vinculis non dereliquid... M ANT Joannis Evang.
076v 10 Dilectus a domino tertimonium... M ANT Joannis Evang.
076v 11 Qui diligit me diligitur a puere M RS Joannis Evang.
076v 12 Et puer diligit eum et a M RSV Joannis Evang.
076v 13 Auxiliabo puero meo dicit dominus... M RSV Joannis Evang.
077r 1 Invitatus ad convivium tuum venio... M ANT Joannis Evang.
077r 2 Vox tua melliflua suavitate plena... M ANT Joannis Evang.
077r 3 Posuisti in ore meo verbum... M ANT Joannis Evang.
077r 4 Suscipe me domine ut cum fratribus M RS Joannis Evang.
077r 5 Tu es enim Christus filius dei M RSV Joannis Evang.
077r 6 Habitabo in tabernaculo tuo deus... M PSLD Joannis Evang.
077r 7 Dilectus a domino* MASS PRLG Joannis Evang.
077r 8 Sanctus iste quem elegisti et... MASS PSLD Joannis Evang.
077v 1 Te decet hymnum deus in Sion MASS PSLDV Joannis Evang.
077v 2 Alleluia Laudem domini loquetur os... MASS LDS Joannis Evang.
077v 3 Elegit dominus virum unum de tribu MASS SCR Joannis Evang.
077v 4 Locutus est dominus ad Moisen... MASS SCRV Joannis Evang.
077v 5 Prascepit dominus Moisi et dixit a MASS SCRV Joannis Evang.
078r 1 Dominus illuminatio V VPR Columbae
078r 2 Audi filia et vide V VPRV Columbae
078r 3 Columba mea quam pulchra es et V ANT Columbae
078r 4 Columba me a surge est veni V ALL Columbae
078r 5 Lauda Israel V ALLV Columbae
078r 6 Una et perfecta Jerusalem quae... M ANT Columbae
078r 7 Bona es proxima mea ut bona M ANT Columbae
078r 8 Columba mea quam pulchra es et M RS Columbae
078r 9 Speciem et pulchritudinem tuam... M RSV Columbae
078r 10 Speciem et pulchritudinem tuam... M RSV Columbae
078v 1 Libera me de viri sanguinum deus M ANT 50 Columbae
078v 2 Gaudens gaudebo in domino et... M ANT C Columbae