E-Mh (Madrid) Cod. 30


Liber misticus (type of manuscript with chants, readings and prayers for the cathedral ordo, i.e. vespers, matutinum, mass and, on penitential days, tertia, sexta and nona). It has the temporale and sanctorale from Advent until matutinum of Carnes Tollendas (the Sunday that opened Lent with the farewell to the alleluia). It is damaged by water and by the removal of several folios, including most of those that very likely had miniatures and the rubrics indicating the beginning of each office (vespers).

Date: eleventh century (Castro Correa, 2013-15; Millares Carlo et al., 1999; Rojo y Prado, 1929; Férotin, 1912); tenth-eleventh century (Brockett, 1968; Riaño, 1887); between 975 and 1000 (Zapke, 2007, p.264); second half of the tenth century (Gros I Pujol, 1984); tenth century (Asensio, 2008; Fernández de la Cuesta, 1980; Díaz y Díaz, 1991; Janini, 1977; Randel, 1973; Pinell, 1965; Pinell, 1957).

Provenance: San Millán de la Cogolla (Zapke, 2007; Díaz y Díaz, 1991; Gros i Pujol, 1984).

Liturgical tradition: A

Randel responsorial tone tradition: La Rioja (presenting some similarities with the León tradition)

Cod. 30
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San Millán de la Cogolla (see 'Description' above)
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(bibliography of this entry is to be completed)
Late tenth-early eleventh century (see 'Description' above).
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Raquel Rojo Carrillo


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