E-Mh (Madrid) Cod. 30


Liber misticus (type of manuscript with chants, readings and prayers for the cathedral ordo, i.e. vespers, matutinum, mass and, on penitential days, tertia, sexta and nona). It has the temporale and sanctorale from Advent until matutinum of Carnes Tollendas (the Sunday that opened Lent with the farewell to the alleluia). It is damaged by water and by the removal of several folios, including most of those that very likely had miniatures and the rubrics indicating the beginning of each office (vespers).

Date: eleventh century (Castro Correa, 2013-15; Millares Carlo et al., 1999; Rojo y Prado, 1929; Férotin, 1912); tenth-eleventh century (Brockett, 1968; Riaño, 1887); between 975 and 1000 (Zapke, 2007, p.264); second half of the tenth century (Gros I Pujol, 1984); tenth century (Asensio, 2008; Fernández de la Cuesta, 1980; Díaz y Díaz, 1991; Janini, 1977; Randel, 1973; Pinell, 1965; Pinell, 1957).

Provenance: San Millán de la Cogolla (Zapke, 2007; Díaz y Díaz, 1991; Gros i Pujol, 1984).

Liturgical tradition: A

Randel responsorial tone tradition: La Rioja (presenting some similarities with the León tradition)

Cod. 30
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San Millán de la Cogolla (see 'Description' above)
Manuscript / Print: 
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(bibliography of this entry is to be completed)
Late tenth-early eleventh century (see 'Description' above).
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Description: Raquel Rojo Carrillo
Index: Antonio Olea Baeza


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Submitted by Raquel Rojo Carrillo
Post date: 04 Apr 2017 | Last update: 01 Apr 2022

Chants of the source

Displaying 1 - 100 of 1832 chants.
Folio Incipit Feast Mode Cantus ID
001v 1 Sicut lilia munda floruerunt... V PSLD Aciscli h03273
002r 1 Super populum tuum deus salus tua MH ANT 3 Aciscli h04003
002r 2 Videbunt cum exsultatione magna... MH ANT Aciscli h03717
002r 3 Clamaverunt justi * MH ANTV Aciscli h03717b
002v 1 In Jerusalem cum maximo solatio... MH ANT Aciscli h03499
002v 2 Illuc enim ascenderunt * MH ANTV Aciscli h03499b
003r 1 Gaudium et laetitiam tenebunt... MH ALL Aciscli h01320
003r 2 Beati immaculati * MH ALLV Aciscli h01320a
003r 3 Beati servi illi quos cum venerit MH RS Aciscli h02041
003v 1 [Beati qui persecution]em... MH RSV Aciscli h02041a
004v 1 Audite populi omnes quia dominus... MH ANT Aciscli h00650
004v 2 Audite haec * MH ANTV Aciscli h00650a
005r 1 Annuntiate deum in universa [terra... MH ANT Aciscli h00642
005r 2 Omnes gentes * MH ANTV Aciscli h00642a
005r 3 Annuntiate vocem jucunditatis et... MH ALL Aciscli h01067
005r 4 Sit nomen domini * MH ALLV Aciscli h01067b
005v 1 Venientes de regione longinqua... MH RS Aciscli h02600
005v 2 Omnes gentes plaudete manibus... MH RSV Aciscli h02600a
006r 1 Aedificentur muri Jerusalem tunc [... MH ANT 50 Aciscli h00646
006r 2 Miserere * MH ANTV Aciscli h00646a
006r 3 Apparuit dominus de monte Pharam... MH ANT C Aciscli h00648
006r 4 Dominus de Sina * MH ANTV Aciscli h00648a
006r 5 Benedicti sunt omnes qui diligunt... MH BNMT Aciscli h03573
006r 6 Benedictus es * MH BNMTV Aciscli h03573a
006r 7 Quis deus magnus sicut deus noster MH SNO Aciscli h02939
006r 8 Honorificus in sanctis mirabilis... MH SNOV Aciscli h02939a
006r 9 Laudate dominum in sanctis ejus... MH LDMT Aciscli h00204
006r 10 Gaudete flores * MH H Aciscli h00617
006r 11 Deus manifeste * MH VRS Aciscli h04349
007r 1 [Sanguinem justorum requiram ego... MASS PRLG Aciscli h00753
007r 2 Vox laetitiae in tabernaculis MASS PRLGV Aciscli h00753a
007r 3 Mirabilis deus in sanctis tuis MASS PSLM Aciscli h00830
007r 4 Manda deus virtuti tuae confirma... MASS PSLMV Aciscli h00830a
007r 5 Alleluia Ambulabunt sancti [... MASS LDS Aciscli h00873
007r 6 Venite benedicti patris mei... MASS SCR Aciscli h00408
007r 7 Sedebit dominus supra sedem... MASS SCRV Aciscli h00408a
007v 1 Cum venerit filius hominis in... MASS SCRV Aciscli h00408b
007v 2 Esurivi [et] dedistis mihi... MASS SCRV Aciscli h00408c
008r 1 G[audete justi in domino rectos V SNO Romani h01685
008v 1 [Dabo vos nominatos in gloria... V ALL Romani h01198
009r 1 Dabo sanctis meis regnum in... V PSLD Romani h03223
009v 1 [Deus a Libano] veniet et sanctus V ANT Suff. Adventus h00664
009v 2 Et annuntiaverunt caeli justi V ANTV Suff. Adventus h00664a
009v 3 Deus virtutum nobiscum susceptor... V ALL Suff. Adventus h01224
009v 4 Salvos nos fac * V ALLV Suff. Adventus h01224b
009v 5 Domini est salus et super populum MH ANT 3 Suff. Adventus h01749
009v 6 Domine * MH ANTV Suff. Adventus h01749a
009v 7 Dedit illi justis dominus... MH ANT Suff. Adventus h00663
009v 8 Beata gens * MH ANTV Suff. Adventus h00663a
010r 1 Sicut lilia munda corpora... MH ANT Suff. Adventus h04213
010r 2 Dominus custodit omnia * MH ANTV Suff. Adventus h04213a
010r 3 Accipite jucunditatem gloriae... MH ALL Suff. Adventus h01058
010r 4 Laudate nomen domini * MH ALLV Suff. Adventus h01058a
010v 1 [...] tui domine qui catena legis... MH RS Suff. Adventus h02587
010v 2 Quoniam praevenisti eos in... MH RSV Suff. Adventus h02587a
010v 3 [Ecce] nomen domini venit de... MH ANT Suff. Adventus h03063
011r 1 [...] MH ANTV Suff. Adventus
011r 2 Ecce dominus venit de longe beati MH ANT Suff. Adventus h03022
011r 3 Quoniam rectus est sermo domini * MH ANTV Suff. Adventus h03022b
011r 4 Ecce deus noster ecce dominus in MH ALL Suff. Adventus h01252
011r 5 Qui sanat contritos * MH ALLV Suff. Adventus h01252b
011v 1 [Ecce] dominus veniet et omnes... MH RS Suff. Adventus h02149
011v 2 Salvabit dominus tabernacula Juda... MH RSV Suff. Adventus h02149a
011v 3 Da nobis laetitiam salutaris tui... MH ANT 50 Suff. Adventus h00660
011v 4 Miserere * MH ANTV Suff. Adventus h00660a
011v 5 Laetitia sempiterna erit electis... MH ANT C Suff. Adventus h01047
011v 6 Vos sancti * MH ANTV Suff. Adventus * h01047a
011v 8 Sancti et humiles corde spiritus... MH BNMT Suff. Adventus h03725
012r 1 Quis deus magnus sicut deus noster MH SNO Suff. Adventus h02939
012r 2 Lauda * MH SNOV Suff. Adventus h02939b
012r 3 Beati mundo corde quoniam ipsi... MASS PRLG Suff. Adventus h00686
012r 4 Beati qui custodiunt * MASS PRLGV Suff. Adventus h00686b
012r 5 Transivimus per ignem et aquam et MASS PSLM Suff. Adventus h00856
012v 1 [Pro]basti nos deus sicut probatus MASS PSLMV Suff. Adventus h00856a
012v 2 Beati qui habitant in domo tua MASS CLM Suff. Adventus h00867
012v 3 Alleluia Pretiosa in conspectu... MASS LDS Suff. Adventus h00906
012v 4 Regnum et potestas et magnitudo... MASS SCR Suff. Adventus h00634
012v 5 Consurgens Michael princeps magnus... MASS SCRV Suff. Adventus h00634a
013r 1 Jubilate domino omnes gentes quia... V VPR Suff. Adventus h01022
013r 2 Laetentur caeli et exultet terra V VPRV Suff. Adventus h01022a
013r 3 Egredietur virga de radice Jesse... V ANT Suff. Adventus h03131
013r 4 Ante solem permanet * V ANTV Suff. Adventus * h03131c
013r 5 Dominus sicut fortis egredietur et... V ALL Suff. Adventus h01244
013r 6 Qui operit caelum nubibus * V ALLV Suff. Adventus * h01244a
013v 1 Exiet virga de radice Jesse in MH ANT Suff. Adventus h03195
013v 2 Et dominabitur a mari * MH ANTV Suff. Adventus h03195b
013v 3 Dominus ut fortis egredietur et ut MH ANT Suff. Adventus h02949
013v 4 Dominus regnavit decorem * MH ANTV Suff. Adventus h02949b
014r 1 Annuntietur in Sion nomen domini... MH ALL Suff. Adventus h01069
014r 2 Quia aedificavit * MH ALLV Suff. Adventus h01069c
014r 3 Egredietur dominus de Samaria per... MH RS Suff. Adventus h02177
014r 4 Ecce veniet in nubibus dominus et MH RSV Suff. Adventus h02177a
014v 1 [Vox clara ecce in]tonat obscura MH H Suff. Adventus h00628
014v 2 Jubilate * V VPR Suff. Adventus h01022
014v 3 Ego ante te ibo dicit dominus V ANT Suff. Adventus h03101
014v 4 Deus deorum * V ANTV Suff. Adventus h03101a
014v 5 Ego ante te ambulabo et montes V ALL Suff. Adventus h01270
014v 6 Lauda Jerusalem * V ALLV Suff. Adventus h01270a
014v 7 Verbum * V H Suff. Adventus 008409.4
014v 8 Veniet ad locum suum dominus quem MH ANT Suff. Adventus h03744