E-Mh (Madrid) Cod. 60 (2) and (3)


Office of litanies copied in the Old Hispanic antiphonary display (i.e. only chants, no readings or prayers) in the spare folios (ff. 28v-29r and 48v-50r) of a codex containing the passion of Saints Cosme and Damián and the readings, prayers and sermons for their mass.

Date: most authors (including Millares Carlo, 1961, see 'Bibliography' below) date it as tenth century. Other datings are eighth or ninth century (Loewe and von Hartel, ; Clark, ); ninth century (Millares Carlo, 1999; García Villada, 1923; Díaz y Díaz, 1991); late ninth-early tenth century (Franquesa, 1959); ninth century the original part of this manuscript (material for Saints Cosme and Damián) and tenth century the antiphonary chants (Pinell, 1965); late tenth or early eleventh century (Riaño, 1887).

Provenance: it was preserved for long at the monastery of San Millán de la Cogolla, but there is no proof for the place in which it was copied. It later was held at the Biblioteca de las Cortes until it became part of the collection of manuscripts at Real Academia de la Historia.

Scribe: Munnio, ff. 28r and 48v, wrote the added antiphonary chants. The scribe of the rest of the codex is unknown.

Liturgical tradition: A.

Randel responsorial tone tradition: [La] Rioja.

Cod. 60 (2) and (3)
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Ascribed to San Millán de la Cogolla (though there is no evidence to prove that it was copied there)
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