E-Tc (Toledo) 35.7


Liber misticus (type of book containing chants, readings and prayers for the cathedral ordo, i.e. vespers, matutinum and mass) with material for the offices for Saint Mary and for Christmastide. It also contains material that is normally part of a liber ordinum (type of book with the liturgy for the ministering of sacraments), namely the "Ordo ad commendandum corpora defunctorum". The liturgical material of this manuscript is preceded by two indexes, one written by Juan Bautista Pérez in the sixteenth century and another one commissioned by the Cardinal Francisco Antonio de Lorenzana y Butrón in the eighteenth century. Some folios are missing in the medieval codex, including the first and last ones. This is why it begins in the middle of the Ildephonse of Toledo's De Virginitate Sanctae Mariae, read at the office of Saint Mary (Annunciation, on 18 December), very likely at its matutinum service (due to the coincidence of the number of lections in this reading with respect to the number of matutinum missae in the Old Hispanic manuscripts preserving this matutinum without lacunae, namely, E-L Ms 8 and the Orational of Verona). So, its ff. 1r-44r have the office for Saint Mary (end of vigil and mass), and including its sermon - this is one of the few Old Hispanic misticus that includes a sermon in one of its offices. A later hand added a chant in Catalan point notation in f. 41v. The "Ordo ad commendandum corpora defunctorum" is in ff. 44r-45v; it is unusual to find this material in a misticus and its liturgical items are unique, including one of the few sequences copied in an Old Hispanic manuscripts (ff. 45r-v; see Brou, "Séquences", 1951). Following this, in ff. 46r-54v, comes the rest of the misticus, with the Assumption of Saint Mary office (without a sermon, as all offices in this manuscript except the Annunciation office). After this we find another section of this manuscript, also a misticus, which contains the Christmastide liturgy, starting with the Nativity office. This second section of the manuscript and the section that precedes it might not have been bound in this order originally, or perhaps they belonged to different codices; in fact, it is still possible to see that the booklet today starting with the Christmas office lost its first folio. It ends mutilated at the end of the Epiphany office's matutinum service.

Date: the palaeographically-based date proposed by Mundó (1965, p. 14) is ca. 1100 or later, though later in his table of sources (1965, p.21), he writes "XI-XII" (which is a century earlier than the date he proposes in p. 14) and this might be why most of the recent authors have this estimate. Other dates are: ninth to tenth century (Férotin, 1912; García Villada, 1923; Rojo and Prado, 1929; Pinell, 1965); tenth to eleventh century (Riaño, 1887); ninth to eleventh century (Clark, 1920); mid-tenth century (Brockett, 1968); tenth to twelfth century (Pinell, 1978); eleventh to twelfth century (Asensio, 2003; Janini and Gonzálvez, 1977; Hornby and Maloy, 2013); ninth to tenth century and also quoting Mundó's date (Randel, 1973; Gómez Muntané, 2001); tenth century but also quoting Mundó's date (Millares Carlo, 2009).

Origin: due to its similarties with other Toledan manuscripts associated with the Mozarabic Parish of Santa Eulalia in Toledo (namely, E-Tc 35.3, E-Tc 35.7 and/or E-Mn MSS/10001, some scholars (e.g. Mundó, 1965, and Brockett, 1968) have proposed that it was copied there. There is no evidence, however, to prove this possible origin (see Rojo Carrillo, 2018).

Scribe: "Sebastiano scriptor" in f. 54r, i.e. the first section of the manuscript. Due to the similarity between the script of all sections of this manuscript, both of them might have been copied by the same scribe.

Liturgical tradition: A.

Randel responsorial tone tradition: only two cases of Toledo A, two other cases slightly similar to Toledo B, and three cases with unknown tradition.

Ascribed to the Mozarabic Parish of Santa Eulalia, Toledo, but there is not enough evidence to prove this (see 'Description' above).
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ca. 1100 or later (Mundó, 1965) (see 'Description above)
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Raquel Rojo Carrillo (description), David Santana Cañas (index)


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Chants of the source

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Folio Incipit Feast Mode Cantus ID
035v 1 Alleluia Christi generatio sic... MASS PRLG Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00670
035v 2 Agios o theos agios ischyros agios MASS GRC Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00963
035v 3 Sanctus deus sanctus fortis... MASS SNCT Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) g03546
035v 4 Doxa Patri ke Hyio ke Hagio MASS SNCTV Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic)
036r 1 Benedictus es domine deus patrum... MASS BNS Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00602.1
036r 2 Et benedictum nomen gloriae tuae... MASS BNSV 1 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00602n
036v 1 Benedicite omnia opera domini... MASS BNSV 2 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00602c
036v 2 Benedicite sacerdotes servi domini... MASS BNSV 3 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00602d
036v 3 Benedicite sancti et humiles corde... MASS BNSV 4 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00602e
036v 4 Benedicite Ananias Azarias et... MASS BNSV 5 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00602f
036v 5 Quia liberavit nos dominus ab... MASS BNSV 6 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00602g
036v 6 Mater Sion dicet homo et homo MASS PSLM Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00831
036v 7 Dominus narrabit scripturus... MASS PSLMV Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00831a
036v 8 Deus in medio ejus non... MASS CLM Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00869
041r 1 Alleluia A dextris tuis domine... MASS LDS Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00870
041r 2 Prope est dies domini quia... MASS SCR 1 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) g03525
041v 1 Lauda filia Syon iubila tu Israel MASS SCR 2 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) g03525a
041v 2 Non timebis malum ultra in illa MASS SCRV 3 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) g03525c
041v 3 Sileat omnis caro a facie domini MASS SCRV 4 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) g03525b
041v 4 Alleluia MASS SCRV Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) g03525d
044r 1 Orietur in tenebris lumen vobis et MASS RS Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h02427
044v 1 Gloria in excelsis deo et in MASS Gl Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) 509502
045r 1 Hymnus trium puerorum deo gratias MASS BNS Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00604
045r 2 Angelus domini simul descendit cum... MASS BNSV 1 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00604a
045r 3 Et excussit flammam ignis de... MASS BNSV 2 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00604b
045r 4 Et non tetigit eos omnino ignis MASS BNSV 3 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00604c
045r 5 Tunc illi tres quasi ex uno MASS BNSV 4 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00604d
045r 6 Alme virginis festum advenit... MASS ACC 1 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) g03563
045r 7 Tellus polusque Maria et aque que MASS ACC 2 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic)
045r 8 Herus nos venit cunctos liberare... MASS ACC 3 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic)
045v 1 Venit querere et salbare que quod MASS ACC 4 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic)
045v 2 Laetemur in eo qui fecit nos MASS ACC 5 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic)
045v 3 Factum lebiathan mundum subdebat... MASS ACC 6 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic)
045v 4 Humilis veniens mors concitans... MASS ACC 7 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic)
045v 5 Factus est inter mortuos liber qui MASS ACC 8 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic)
045v 6 Fecit pacem in celo in terra MASS ACC 9 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic)
045v 7 Gloria virtus et honor et patri MASS ACC 10 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic)
045v 8 Alleluia ingredere tu in vestigiis... V SNO Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00220
045v 9 Alleluia intra in ortum meum... V SNOV Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00220a
045v 10 Alleluia* V LDS Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic)
047r 1 Egredere inter lilia obbaca filia... M RS Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h02176
047v 1 Gaudens gaudebo in domino et... M ANT C Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h03415
047v 2 Filia Sion benedic domino deo... M BNMT Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h03932
048r 1 Audi filia et vide et inclina M SNO Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h01628
048r 2 Ipse est dominus deus tuus et M SNOV Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h01628a
048v 1 Speciem et pulcritudinem tuam... MASS PSLM Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00853
048v 2 Propter veritatem et mansuetudinem... MASS PSLMV Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00853a
049v 1 Alleluia. Lauda filia Syon letare... MASS LDS Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) h00894
049v 2 Sicut turris David aedificata es... MASS SCR Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic) g03535
049v 3 Sicut columbe sedentes super... MASS SCRV Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic)
054r 1 Gloria mea deus et exaltans caput MASS ANT 1 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic)
054r 2 Auditui meo da gaudium deus meus. MASS ANT 2 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic)
054r 3 Mitte nunc de celo et salba MASS ANT 3 Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic)
054v 4 Accepta Christi munera summamus... MASS ACC Assumptio Mariae (Old Hispanic)
055r 1 Parabi lucernam Christo meo... V 1 Nativitas Domini
055r 2 Iurabit dominus David in veritatem... V 2 Nativitas Domini
055r 3 Et ero ei in patre et V 3 Nativitas Domini
055r 4 Et ego illum ponam primogenitum... V 4 Nativitas Domini
055r 5 In splendoribus sanctorum ex utero... V SNO 1 Nativitas Domini
055r 6 Iurabit dominus et non penitebit... V SNO 2 Nativitas Domini
055r 7 Dominus a dextris tuis confringet... V SNO 3 Nativitas Domini
055v 1 Rorate celi de super et nubes V ANT 1 Nativitas Domini
055v 2 Confidentes estote videbitis... V ANT 2 Nativitas Domini
055v 3 Hodie locutus est dominus dicens... V ALL Nativitas Domini
056v 1 Alleluia vocabitis nomen eius... V PSLD Nativitas Domini h03147
056v 2 Gloria tibi filius dei. M PSLM Nativitas Domini
057r 1 Ecce adnuntio vobis gaudium magnam... M ANT 1 Nativitas Domini
057r 2 Ecce agnus dei ecce qui tollit M ANT 2 Nativitas Domini
057v 1 Gloria in excelsis deo et in M ALL 1 Nativitas Domini
057v 2 In principio erat verbum et verbum M RS Nativitas Domini
057v 3 Quod factum est in ipso vita M RSV Nativitas Domini h00960a
058r 1 Dominus dixit ad me filius meus M ANT 3 Nativitas Domini
058r 2 Dominus possedit me priusquam... M ANT 4 Nativitas Domini
058v 3 Quando firmos ponebat montes sub... M ALL 2 Nativitas Domini
058v 4 Angelus domini loquutus est... M RS Nativitas Domini
059r 1 Pastores erant in regione eadem... M RSV Nativitas Domini
059r 2 Ante omnem creaturam ego ex ore M ANT 5 Nativitas Domini
059v 1 Ante colles ego parturiebar adhuc... M ANT 6 Nativitas Domini
059v 2 Alleluia cum patre meo eram cantu M ALL 3 Nativitas Domini
060r 1 Venisti domine et a facie tua M RS Nativitas Domini
060r 2 Parvulus natus est nobis filius... M ANT 7 Nativitas Domini
060v 1 Vox domini reddentis retributionem... M ANT 8 Nativitas Domini
061r 1 Potestatis eius et pacis eius non M ALL Nativitas Domini
061r 2 Gaudete et exultate omnes populi... M RS Nativitas Domini
061v 1 Ante me non est formatus deus M ANT 9 Nativitas Domini
062r 1 Ego sum primus et ego in M ANT 10 Nativitas Domini
062r 2 Veritas de terra horta est... M ALL Nativitas Domini
062v 1 Iste qui natus est redentio nostra M RS Nativitas Domini
062v 2 Non ex voluptate viri sed ex M ANT 11 Nativitas Domini
063r 1 Dedit ei dominus tronum David... M ANT 12 Nativitas Domini
063r 2 Vidi lapidem de monte abscisum... M ALL Nativitas Domini
063v 1 Ecce natus est nobis filius et M RS Nativitas Domini
064r 1 Quum medium silentium teneret... M ANT 13 Nativitas Domini
064r 2 Quum pararet celos aderam illi et M ANT 14 Nativitas Domini
064v 1 Alleluia hodie facta est salus... M ALL Nativitas Domini
064v 2 Splendet hodie caelum et terram... M RS Nativitas Domini h02550
065r 1 Aperiatur terra et germinet... M ANT 15 Nativitas Domini
066r 1 Benedixisti domine terram tuam... M BNMT Nativitas Domini h00012
066r 2 Dominus dixit ad me filius meus M SNO Nativitas Domini h00013
066r 3 Pete a me et dabo tibi M SNOV Nativitas Domini h00013a