E-Tm (Toledo) número de inventario 1325


This fragment has two parts which very likely originally belonged to different codices. The first part, E-Tm n. i. 1325-1, is a fragment consisting of 24 folios (recto and verso) from a liber misticus (type of book containing chants, readings and prayers for the cathedral ordo) with material for part of the sanctorale of Post-Pentecost time. The second part, E-Tm n. i. 1325-2, consists of two folios (recto and verso) from a liber hymnorum written by another hand; one of these folios is sewn to the end of the first part of this fragment and has hymns for the day hours from the matutinum to quarta; the second folio is independent and has part of two Post-Pentecost time hymns (namely: the end of Sts Justa and Rufina’s hymn, and beginning of St Cucufate’s hymn).
Liturgical tradition: B
Randel responsorial tone tradition: Toledo B in Randel, 1969; but in Randel, 1973, p. xix: 'it cannont be said with certainty that all of the fragments belong to liturgical tradition B.' (i.e. Randel responsorial tone tradition Toledo B).
Date: Mundó's palaeographically-informed date, thirteenth century, has been adopted by most scholars, including some that had proposed other dates (e.g. Pinell, who in 1978 adopts most of Mundó's dates). Other dates: ninth century (Millares Carlo, 1961; Pinell, 1965; Brockett, 1968, though with a '?'); tenth century (Fernández de la Cuesta, 1980); ninth century and a quote of Mundó's date (Randel, 1973; Gómez Muntané, 2001); tenth century and a quote of Mundó's date (Millares Carlo, 1999). Only Janini and Gonzálvez, 1977 specify tenth century for the hymnorum, though I can add that it could also be from the early-eleventh century.
Provenance: most authors ascribe it to the Mozarabic parish of Santas Justa y Rufina (Toledo) because it has in several of its folios the modern seal of this parish. However, according to Janini and Gonzálvez (1977, p. 277), who do not specify the source for this information, this manuscript was owned by other churches (none of them Mozarabic!) before it arrived in the parish of Santas Justa y Rufina. However, the misticus in this fragment shares certain palaeographical and codicological features with E-Mn MSS/10110, e.g. the type of musical notation and the nomenclature for the chants (see Rojo Carrillo, 2017).

número de inventario 1325
Ascribed to the Mozarabic parish of Santas Justa y Rufina of Toledo (see 'Description' above)
Manuscript / Print: 
Page layout (mm): 
Misticus: 320x230. Hymnorum: 355 x 230
13th century (misticus (Mundó, 1965) and 10th century (hymnorum, Janini and Gonzálvez , 1977) (see 'Description' above)
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Raquel Rojo Carrillo


Brockett (1968)
Fernández de la Cuesta (1983 and 1980)
Gómez Muntané (2001)
Hornby and Maloy (2013)
Janini and Gonzálvez (1977)
Millares Carlo (1999 and 1961)
Mundó (1965)
Pinell (1978 and 1965)
Randel (1973 and 1969)
Rojo and Prado (1929)
Rojo Carrillo (2017)

Submitted by Raquel Rojo Carrillo
Post date: 06 Apr 2017 | Last update: 26 Dec 2017

Chants of the source

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Folio Incipit Feast Mode Cantus ID
001r 1 Ecce domine in toto corde suo. RS Martini
001r 2 Confitebor tibi. Martini
001r 3 Benedictio. BNMT Martini
001r 4 In conspectu angelorum. SNO Martini
001r 5 Alleluia confessio. LDMT Martini
001v 1 In omni opere. MH LDS Martini
001v 2 Confitebor. PSLD Martini
008r 1 Benedictio domine in mercedem... BNMT Joannis Baptistae
008r 2 Hec dicit dominus priusquam te... SNO 1 Joannis Baptistae
008r 3 Prophetam quoque gentibus dedit te... SNO 2 Joannis Baptistae
008r 4 Laudes dominum de celis. LDMT Joannis Baptistae
008v 1 Ex utero matris mee. LDMT Joannis Baptistae
008v 2 Iste precedet ante dominum in... MH ANT Joannis Baptistae
008v 3 Angelus domini dixit Zachariae... LDS Joannis Baptistae
009r 1 Floruit terra alleluia maturitas... LDS Joannis Baptistae
009r 2 Benedictus dominus Joannis Baptistae
009v 1 Tu es domine qui eduxisti me PSLD Joannis Baptistae
009v 2 Repletur os meum deus laude tua CLM Joannis Baptistae
012v 1 Alleluia. Suavis sit deo laudatio... LDS Joannis Baptistae
012v 2 Sacerdos Zacharias fuit de vice... SCR 1 Joannis Baptistae
012v 3 Apparuit Zachariae angelus domini... SCR 2 Joannis Baptistae
016v 1 Alleluia in omnem terram exivit... SNO 1 Vigilia Petri, Pauli
016v 2 Alleluia. Non sunt loquelle neque... SNO 2 Vigilia Petri, Pauli
016v 3 Alleluia. LDS Vigilia Petri, Pauli
016v 4 Hii sunt qui missi sunt per ANT Vigilia Petri, Pauli
017r 1 Disciplina et sapientia replevit... LDS Vigilia Petri, Pauli
017v 1 Vos estis vasa sancta domino auro LDS Vigilia Petri, Pauli
018r 1 Honorati sunt amici tui deus valde ANT 1 Petri, Pauli
018r 2 Isti sunt amici tui domine qui ANT 2 Petri, Pauli
018v 1 Viriliter certati sunt et... ANT 3 Petri, Pauli
018v 2 Hii ostenderunt cerimonias populo... RS Petri, Pauli
018v 3 Hii sunt qui in generatione gentis RSV Petri, Pauli
019r 1 Qui propria volumtate obtulistis... Petri, Pauli
019r 2 Iusti et sacerdotes sancti et... BNMT Petri, Pauli
020r 1 Vos estis vasa. LDMT Petri, Pauli
020r 2 Dabo sanctis meis primam sessionem... MH LDS Petri, Pauli
020r 3 In omnem terram exivit sonus eorum PSLD Petri, Pauli
020r 4 Non sunt loquelle neque sermones... PSLDV Petri, Pauli
020r 5 Celi enarrant gloriam dei et opera CLM Petri, Pauli
021v 1 Alleluia domine salvos nos fac o LDS Petri, Pauli
021v 2 Venite benedicti patris mei... SCR 1 Petri, Pauli
021v 3 Qum venerit filius hominis in... SCR 2 Petri, Pauli
026v 1 Isti sunt viri nominati in virtute ANT Vigilia Simonis, Judae
026v 2 Disciplina et sapientia. LDS Vigilia Simonis, Judae