E-Zfm (Zaragoza) Ms-418


Fragment of Old Hispanic antiphonary (type of book containing the chants for the cathedral ordo, i.e. vespers, matutinum and mass) consisting of eight folios of which 2 sides are illegible (ff. 1r and 6v). In the 14 legible sides we find offices for Christmastide, from part of the matutinum of the office for Saint Vincent (22 January) to the beginning (only part of the vespers) of the office for the Sunday before Carnes Tollendas Sunday ('D[omi]nico Ante Carnes Tollendas', which fell exactly a week before 'Carnes Tollendas' and 'Carnes Tollendas' or 'meat removing' is the farewell to the alleluia office that opened the Old Hispanic Lent). Zapke (1995) noted that these folios were extracted from the binding of a book of Saints Voto and Felix by the monk Macario.' Its musical notation is interesting because even though some neumes are very vertical it has others written horizontally.
Dates: first half of the tenth century (Janini); tenth century (Anglés, Pinell, Brokett, Randel, Fernández de la Cuesta); second half of the tenth century (Millares Carlo; Brou, ‘Fragments d’un antiphonaire’, 1952); late tenth century (Zapke, 2007)'; tenth to eleventh century (Zapke, 1995; Gómez Muntané, ; Asensio, ).
Provenance: it was found in the benedictine convent of San Juan de la Peña, but it could have been copied elsewhere. Zapke (2007, p. 286), states that it was not copied at this convent but in Santa María la Real de Nájera, and that she takes this idea from Díaz y Díaz (though no specification is given for the publication or context in which Díaz y Díaz proposed this).
Liturgical tradition: A.
Randel responsorial tone tradition: [La] Rioja.

Source type: 
Northeast of Spain
Manuscript / Print: 
Page layout (mm): 
350x276 and 333x205
See 'Description above'.
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Raquel Rojo Carrillo


Anglés (1931)
Asensio (2003)
Brockett (1968)
Brou (‘Fragments d’un antiphonaire’, 1952)
Fernández de la Cuesta (1980)
Gómez Muntané (2001)
Janini (1980)
Millares (1999 y 1961)
Pinell (1965)
Randel (1973 and 1969)
Zapke (Hispania Vetus, 2007 and 1995)

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