E-Zfm (Zaragoza) Ms-418


Fragment of Old Hispanic antiphonary (type of book containing the chants for the cathedral ordo, i.e. vespers, matutinum and mass) consisting of eight folios of which 2 sides are illegible (ff. 1r and 6v). In the 14 legible sides we find offices for Christmastide, from part of the matutinum of the office for Saint Vincent (22 January) to the beginning (only part of the vespers) of the office for the Sunday before Carnes Tollendas Sunday ('D[omi]nico Ante Carnes Tollendas', which fell exactly a week before 'Carnes Tollendas' and 'Carnes Tollendas' or 'meat removing' is the farewell to the alleluia office that opened the Old Hispanic Lent). Zapke (1995) noted that these folios were extracted from the binding of a book of Saints Voto and Felix by the monk Macario.' Its musical notation is interesting because even though some neumes are very vertical it has others written horizontally.
Dates: first half of the tenth century (Janini); tenth century (Anglés, Pinell, Brokett, Randel, Fernández de la Cuesta); second half of the tenth century (Millares Carlo; Brou, ‘Fragments d’un antiphonaire’, 1952); late tenth century (Zapke, 2007)'; tenth to eleventh century (Zapke, 1995; Gómez Muntané, ; Asensio, ).
Provenance: it was found in the benedictine convent of San Juan de la Peña, but it could have been copied elsewhere. Zapke (2007, p. 286), states that it was not copied at this convent but in Santa María la Real de Nájera, and that she takes this idea from Díaz y Díaz (though no specification is given for the publication or context in which Díaz y Díaz proposed this).
Liturgical tradition: A.
Randel responsorial tone tradition: [La] Rioja.

Source type: 
Northeast of Spain
Manuscript / Print: 
Page layout (mm): 
350x276 and 333x205
See 'Description above'.
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Raquel Rojo Carrillo


Anglés (1931)
Asensio (2003)
Brockett (1968)
Brou (‘Fragments d’un antiphonaire’, 1952)
Fernández de la Cuesta (1980)
Gómez Muntané (2001)
Janini (1980)
Millares (1999 y 1961)
Pinell (1965)
Randel (1973 and 1969)
Zapke (Hispania Vetus, 2007 and 1995)

Submitted by Raquel Rojo Carrillo
Post date: 06 Apr 2017 | Last update: 08 Apr 2017

Chants of the source

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Folio Incipit Feast Mode Cantus ID
001v 1 [Infixus sum in limo profundi ubi MH ALL Vincentii h01373
001v 2 Tribulationem et * MH ALLV Vincentii * h01373a
001v 3 Ego in laboribus multis fui et MH RS Vincentii h02174
001v 4 Infixus sum in limo profundi ubi MH RSV Vincentii h02174a
001v 5 Vincenti dabo coronam et faciam... MH ANT Vincentii h04319
001v 6 Manus enim mea auxiliabitur * MH ANTV Vincentii * h04319a
001v 7 Vincenti dabitur coronam vitae et... MH ANT Vincentii h04318
001v 8 Et ponam in mari * MH ANTV Vincentii * h04318b
001v 9 Vincenti dabo alleluia sedere... MH ALL Vincentii h01970
001v 10 Exortum est in tenebris * MH ALLV Vincentii * h01970b
001v 11 Infixus sum in limo profundi et MH RS Vincentii h02291
002r 1 Circumdederunt me aquae usque ad... MH RSV Vincentii h02291a
002r 2 Qui habet aurem audiendi audiat... MH ANT Vincentii h04068
002r 3 In aeternum servabo * MH ANTV Vincentii * h04068a
002r 4 Qui vicerit faciam illum columnam... MH ANT Vincentii h04080
002r 5 Dicit domino susceptor * MH ANTV Vincentii * h04080a
002r 6 Alleluia omnis qui vicerit faciam... MH ALL Vincentii * h01116
002r 7 Paratum cor meum * MH ALLV Vincentii * h01116b
002r 8 Domine qui das salutem regibus et MH RS Vincentii h02123
002v 1 Deus in nomine tuo salvum me MH RSV Vincentii h02123a
002v 2 Protector tuus ego sum noli timere MH ANT Vincentii h04016
002v 3 Non accedunt a te * MH ANTV Vincentii * h04016a
002v 4 Vincenti dabo manna absconditum et... MH ANT Vincentii h04320
002v 5 Quoniam in me speravit * MH ANTV Vincentii * h04320a
002v 6 Dedi te plebi murum ereum fortem MH ALL Vincentii h01205
002v 7 O domine ego * MH ALLV Vincentii * h01205b
002v 8 Haec dicit dominus meus es tu MH RS Vincentii h02262
002v 9 Noli timere dicit dominus quia ego MH RSV Vincentii h02262b
002v 10 Protector tuus ego sum si... MH RSV Vincentii h02262a
002v 11 Libera me de viri sanguinum deus MH ANT 50 Vincentii h01735
002v 12 Miserere mei deus * MH ANTV 50 Vincentii * h01735a
003r 1 Fluctus tui domine super [me... MH ANT C Vincentii h03352
003r 2 Clamavi de * MH ANTV C Vincentii * h03352a
003r 3 Benedicam te dicit dominus scribam... MH BNMT Vincentii h03570
003r 4 Benedictus * MH BNMTV Vincentii * h03570a
003r 5 De profundis clamavi ad te domine MH SNO Vincentii h01631
003r 6 Si iniquitatem observaveris domine... MH SNOV Vincentii h01631a
003r 7 Sustinuit anima mea in verbum tuum MH SNOV Vincentii h01631b
003r 8 Laudate dominum in sanctis ejus... MH LDMT Vincentii h00204
003r 9 Alleluia * MH LDMTV Vincentii h00204a
003v 1 Vincenti dabo alleluia sedere... MASS PRLG Vincentii h00760
003v 2 Sit nomen domini * MASS PRLGV Vincentii * h00760b
003v 3 Benedictus es domine deus patrum... MASS BNS Vincentii h00602
003v 4 Benedicite omnia opera domini... MASS BNSV Vincentii h00602c
003v 5 Benedicite sacerdotes servi domini... MASS BNSV Vincentii h00602d
003v 6 Benedicite sancti et humiles corde... MASS BNSV Vincentii h00602e
003v 7 Benedicite Ananias Azarias et... MASS BNSV Vincentii h00602f
003v 8 Salvum me fac domine quoniam... MASS PSLM Vincentii h00847
003v 9 Infixus sum in limo profundi et MASS PSLMV Vincentii h00847a
003v 10 Exaudi me domine quoniam benigna... MASS CLM Vincentii h04374
004r 1 Germinate justi germinate sicut... MH ALL Tirsi h01323
004r 2 Laudate nomen domini * MH ALLV Tirsi * h01323b
004r 3 Clarificatum est nomen domini Jesu... MH RS Tirsi h02056
004r 4 Deduxit eos dominus per viam... MH RSV Tirsi h02056a
004r 5 Da nobis laetitiam * MH ANT 50 Tirsi h00660
004r 6 Laetitia sempiterna * MH ANT C Tirsi h01047
004r 7 Sancti et humiles * MH BNMT Tirsi h03725
004r 8 Beati qui custodiunt * MH SNO Tirsi h01629
004r 9 Beati mundo corde * MASS PRLG Tirsi h00686
004r 10 Anima nostra sicut passer erepta... MASS PSLM Tirsi h00780
004r 11 Nisi quia dominus erat in nobis MASS PSLMV Tirsi h00780a
004r 12 Torrentem transgressa est anima... MASS CLM Tirsi h03722
004v 1 Alleluia Pretiosa in conspectum... MASS LDS Tirsi h00906
004v 2 Haec dicit dominus dabo... MASS SCR Tirsi g03496
004v 3 Adducent fratres suos de universis... MASS SCRV Tirsi g03496a
004v 4 [Me expectant] justi quoadusque... V VPR Agathae h01026
005r 1 Vocem meam ad dominum clamavi et V VPRV Agathae h01026a
005r 2 Audi filia et vide * V SNO Agathae h01628
005r 3 [...] V SNOV Agathae h01628a
005r 4 [...] V SNOV Agathae h01628b
005r 5 Sicut vita coccinea labia tua... V ANT Agathae h01501
005r 6 Audi filia * V ANTV Agathae * h01501b
005r 7 Speciem et pulchritudinem tuam... V ALL Agathae h01923
005r 8 Lauda Jerusalem * V ALLV Agathae h01923a
005r 9 Ad sanctae Agathae virginis V H Agathae * a06501
005r 10 Speciem et * V VRS Agathae * h03939
005r 11 Alleluia inveni quem * V PSLD Agathae h03142
005r 12 Gloria mea * MH ANT Agathae h01599
005r 13 Grandis pulchritudo ejus exaltata... MH ANT Agathae h03433
005r 14 Deus in gradibus * MH ANTV Agathae * h03433a
005r 15 Immaculata quae non nobit torum in MH ANT Agathae h03475
005r 16 Sicut audivimus * MH ANTV Agathae * h03475a
005r 17 Speciosa facta es et suavis in MH ALL Agathae h01925
005r 18 Lauda Jerusalem * MH ALLV Agathae * h01925a
005r 19 Egredere inter lilia obbaca filia... MH RS Agathae h02176
005v 1 Propter veritatem et mansuetudinem... MH RSV Agathae h02176a
005v 2 Surge propera amica mea formosa... MH RSV Agathae h02176c
005v 3 Libera me * MH ANT 50 Agathae
005v 4 Gaudens gaudebo * MH ANT C Agathae h03415
005v 5 Liberavit me * MH BNMT Agathae h03970
005v 6 Audi filia * MH SNO Agathae h01628
005v 7 Speciem et pulchritudinem * MASS PRLG Agathae h04567
005v 8 Audi filia et vide * MASS PSLM Agathae h00782
005v 9 Alleluia Lauda filia * MASS LDS Agathae * h00894
005v 10 Sicut cedrus exaltata sum in... MASS SCR Agathae g03534
005v 11 Sicut storax et galvanus et onyx MASS SCRV Agathae g03534a
006r 1 Sicut palma exaltata sum in montem MASS SCRV Agathae g03534b
006r 2 Exortum est * V VPR Dorotheae h00949
006r 3 Justorum animae * V SNO Dorotheae h02910
006r 4 Nomen sanctorum * V ANT Dorotheae h03782