F-Pn (París) NAL 239


This codex has two parts. The first part (ff. 1r-67v) contains works by different fathers of the church about virginity or female monasticism, e.g. Leander of Seville's De institutione virginum (ff.1r-26r), Jerome's epistles to Eustochium (ff. 26r-30v) and 'quanda virgine' (ff. 38r-42v), and Ambrose's epistle 'ad germanam suam directa' (ff. 30v-38r). The second part of this codex (ff. 68r-83v) contains the liturgy for the office of Saint Pelayo of Córdoba (26 June), with a first section written in the manner of a liber misticus (type of book containing chants, readings and prayers for the cathedral ordo, i.e. vespers, matutinum, mass - note that monks and nuns observed the cathedral ordo + the monastic ordo) but without notation and followed by the passion of this saint. The contents of the first part of this codex suggest that it was copied for a female monastic institution.

Date: tenth or eleventh century (Clark, 1920; García Villada, 1923; Blbiothèque nationale de France, 2012); eleventh century (Randel, 1973; Ismael Fernández de la Cuesta, 1980; Millares Carlo, 1999; Gómez Muntané, 2001). Pinell (1965), dates the misticus as eleventh century and the passionarium as tenth or eleventh century. Díaz y Díaz (1983) believed that the misticus was copied in the tenth century.

Origin: it was preserved for long in the Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos. However, as noted by Férotin (1912), it very likely belonged to a female monastic institution, probably with Saint Pelayo as their patron Saint. According to Díaz y Díaz (1983), the second part of this manuscript was written in a Mozarabic community.

Liturgical tradition: A.

Randel responsorial tone tradition: unknown.

NAL 239
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