F-Pn (París) NAL 2199


Collection of diverse fragments, most of which were found in bindings ("Fragments de plusieurs manuscrits, trouvés la plupart dans des reliures", is the BnF's description of them). Three fragments in this collection are the object of this entry (ff. 14r-16v) because they belonged to an Old Hispanic antiphonary (i.e. type of book containing chants readings and prayers for the cathedral ordo, i.e. vespers, matutinum and mass), pace BnF who calls these folios "fragments de graduel wisigothique" (see http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b105243380/f44.image.r=NAL%202199). Ff. 14r-v it have part of the liturgy for the consecration of a church. Ff. 15r-v have material for quotidian offices, displayed in lists of chant genres (in a similar way as in E-L Ms. 8, f. 281v onwards). Ff. 16r-v is a tiny fragment, but it is possible to see part of the miniature (a hand holding a bishop crosier) and identify its chants; these chants are used for the Ordination for a Bishop office in other manuscripts (e.g. E-L Ms. 8).

Date: most authors date these fragments of antiphonary as ninth to tenth century, following Férotin (1912), despite the facts that he did not specify why he proposed this early date. Note that other of his early dates have been refuted by Mundó (1965), e.g. Férotin's ninth to tenth century date for T7, which Mundó re-dated as much later, namely, ca. 1100 or later. Some authors specify late ninth or early tenth century for these fragments (Brou, 1955; Millares Carlo, 1961 and 1999; Pinell, 1965). Other authors date it as early-tenth century (Brockett, 1968; Díaz y Díaz, 1983). The earliest published record of these fragments, by Robert (1882), dated them as eleventh century; BnF follows this date. If these fragments belonged to the same antiphonary to which E-SI fragmento musical número 26 and the fragments stitched to E-SI MS 1 belonged, it would date from before 945, which is the date of production of MS 1 (as stated in its rubric on its f. 179r).

Provenance: it is very similar to E-SI fragmento musical número 26, and fragments stitched into MS 1 of this abbey. However, no evidence exists for the provenance of the antiphonary (or antiphonaries) to which these fragments originally belonged.

Liturgical tradition: A.

Randel responsorial tone tradition: unknown because this fragment lacks responsories.

NAL 2199
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Preserved for long at Santo Domingo de Silos, as a flyleaves, but there is no indication of the place where it was copied (see "Description" above)
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Various sizes, all smaller than 326x223
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See "Description" above.
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Raquel Rojo Carrillo


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Chants of the source

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Folio Incipit Feast Mode Cantus ID
014r 1 [Alleluia egressus est populus de... X ALL De Sacratione Baselice * h01089
014r 2 Aperite aperite ingrediantur... X ALL De Sacratione Baselice * h01141
014r 3 Ecce porta domini justi introibunt... X ALL De Sacratione Baselice h01262
014r 4 Introibimus in tabernaculum ejus... X ALL De Sacratione Baselice h01380
014r 5 Corpora sanctorum in pace sepulta... X ALL De Sacratione Baselice h01189
014r 6 Omnes isti in generationibus... X ALLV De Sacratione Baselice * h01189a
014r 7 Usque in aeternum manet semen... X ALLV De Sacratione Baselice * h01189b
014r 8 Si sapientiam [eorum] narrent... X ALLV De Sacratione Baselice * h01189c
014r 9 Qui non adversi sunt a domino X ALLV De Sacratione Baselice * h01189d
014r 10 Vos sacerdotes et levitae... X ANT De Sacratione Baselice h04342
014v 1 [Sit timor domini vobiscum et cum X ANTV De Sacratione Baselice * h04342a
014v 2 Levate sacrificium et venite in... X ANTV De Sacratione Baselice * h04342b
014v 3 Confortamini et agite diligenter... X ANTV De Sacratione Baselice * h04342c
014v 4 Deducamos archam foederis domini... X ANTV De Sacratione Baselice * h04342d
014v 5 Intulerunt sacerdotes et levitae... X ANT De Sacratione Baselice h03563
014v 6 Et constituerunt illat in medio... X ANTV De Sacratione Baselice * h03563a
014v 7 Constituti sunt ante aram domini... X ANTV De Sacratione Baselice * h03563b
014v 8 Praecepit autem [rex] universae... X ANTV De Sacratione Baselice * h03563c
014v 9 Induit te dominus tunica... X ANT De Sacratione Baselice h03537
014v 10 Luce splendida fulgebis et omnes... X ANTV De Sacratione Baselice * h03537a
014v 11 Nationes multae de longinquo... X ANTV De Sacratione Baselice * h03537b
014v 12 Benedicti erunt qui te... X ANTV De Sacratione Baselice * h03537c
014v 13 [Sacrificate sacrificium... V VPR Dom. Quotidiano h00222
015r 1 Irascimini et nolite peccare quae... V VPRV Dom. Quotidiano h00222d
015r 2 In noctibus extollite manus... V VPR Dom. Quotidiano h00208
015r 3 Qui statis in domo domini in V VPRV Dom. Quotidiano h00208a
015r 4 Qui fecit luminaria magna solus... V VPR Dom. Quotidiano h00292
015r 5 Verba mea auribus percipe domine... V SNO Dom. Quotidiano h00224
015r 6 Intellege clamorem meum rex meus... V SNOV Dom. Quotidiano h00224a
015r 7 Custodi me domine ut pupillam... V SNO Dom. Quotidiano h00297
015r 8 Protege me a facie impiorum qui V SNOV Dom. Quotidiano h00297a
015r 9 Deus praecinxit me virtute et... V SNO Dom. Quotidiano h00311
015r 10 Dextera tua domine suscepit me et V SNOV Dom. Quotidiano h00311a
015r 11 Custodi animam mea domine libera... V SNO Dom. Quotidiano h00301
015r 12 Dirige me in veritate tua et V SNOV Dom. Quotidiano h00301a
015r 13 [Te decet hymnum deus in Sion V SNO Dom. Quotidiano h00399
015v 1 Exaudi domine orationem meam ad te V SNO Dom. Quotidiano h00399a
015v 2 Deus misereatur nobis et benedicat... V SNO Dom. Quotidiano h00305
015v 3 Illuminet dominus vultum suum [... V SNOV Dom. Quotidiano h00305a
015v 4 Jubilate domino omnis terra [... V SNO Dom. Quotidiano h01989
015v 5 Psallite deo nostro in cithara et V SNOV Dom. Quotidiano h01989a
015v 6 Qui extendit caelum [sicut pellem... V SNO Dom. Quotidiano h00397
015v 7 Qui fundavit terram super [... V SNOV Dom. Quotidiano h00397a
015v 8 Qui ponit nubem ascensum suum qui V SNOV Dom. Quotidiano h00397b
015v 9 [In] aeternum domine permanet... V SNO Dom. Quotidiano h01687
015v 10 Fundasti terram et permanet... V SNOV Dom. Quotidiano h01687a
015v 11 Septies in die laudem dixi tibi V SNO Dom. Quotidiano h00310
016r 1 S* V SNOV Dom. Quotidiano h00310a
016r 2 Scuto* V VPR In ordinatione sive natalitio aepiscoporum h00294
016r 3 A sagitta * V VPRV In ordinatione sive natalitio aepiscoporum h00294a
016r 4 Exaudiat [te dominus in die... V SNO In ordinatione sive natalitio aepiscoporum * h01681
016r 5 [Mittat] tibi auxilium de sancto [... V SNOV In ordinatione sive natalitio aepiscoporum * h01681a
016r 6 Confortare in gratia quae dabitur... V ANT In ordinatione sive natalitio aepiscoporum * h02722
016r 7 [Dominus custodiat te] V ANTV In ordinatione sive natalitio aepiscoporum * h02722a
016r 8 [Pax] tibi sit a deo ut [ V ALL In ordinatione sive natalitio aepiscoporum * h01474
016v 1 [Deus meus es tu et contifebor V SNO Leocadiae * h01633
016v 2 Confitebor tibi domine [quoniam... V SNOV Leocadiae * h01633a
016v 3 Beatus vir qui miseretur [et... MASS PSLM h00783
016v 4 [Dispersit] dedit pauperibus [... MASS PSLMV h00783a
016v 5 Alleluia * MASS *
021r 1 Dicebat Jesus Judaeis nolite... E A Fer. 4 Hebd. 2 Quad. * 002189
021r 2 Malos male perdet et vineam suam E A Fer. 5 Hebd. 2 Quad. 3 003687
021r 3 [...] tenere timuerunt turbas quia... E A Fer. 5 Hebd. 2 Quad. 1? 004428
021r 4 Minor sum cunctis miserationibus... E R Fer. 5 Hebd. 2 Quad. * 007156
021r 5 Deus in cujus conspectu... E V Fer. 6 Hebd. 2 Quad. * 007156a
021r 6 [...] ad patrem meum et dicam ei E A Fer. 6 Hebd. 2 Quad. 1 005299
021r 7 Dixit autem pater ad servos suos E A Sabb. Hebd. 2 Quad. 8 002280
021r 8 Dedit pater paenitenti filio... E A Dom. 3 Quadragesimae 7 002136
021v 1 Populus domini et oves pascuae ejus M I Dom. 3 Quadragesimae 4 001113
021v 2 Videntes Joseph a longe... M R 1.1 Dom. 3 Quadragesimae 8 007863
021v 3 [...] vidissent Joseph fratres sui... M V 1.1 Dom. 3 Quadragesimae 8 007863a
021v 4 Dixit Judas fratribus [...] ecce... M R 1.2 Dom. 3 Quadragesimae 7 006477
021v 5 Quid enim prodest si occiderimus... M V 1.2 Dom. 3 Quadragesimae 7 006477b
021v 6 Videns Jacob vestimenta Joseph... M R 1.3 Dom. 3 Quadragesimae 6 007858
042r 1 [..] adavit miracula redit populo... M R Thomae Cant. * 600814
042r 2 Concurrit turba languidorum... M V Thomae Cant. * 600814a
042r 3 Mundi florem a mundo conteri... M R Thomae Cant. * 601463
042r 4 Vox cruoris vox sparsi cerebri... M V Thomae Cant. * 601463a
042v 1 Christe Jesu per Thomae vulnera... M R Thomae Cant. * 600346
042v 2 Per te Thoma post laevae munera... M V Thomae Cant. * 600346a
043r 1 Lapis iste sex annis tunditur sic M R Thomae Cant. * 601312
043r 2 Aurum fornax probat nec uritur... M V Thomae Cant. * 601312a
043r 3 Nec in agnos sustinet lupos... M A Thomae Cant. * 203229
043r 4 Exsultat vir optimus sacer et... M A Thomae Cant. * 201738
043r 5 Exsulantis praedia praeda sunt... M A Thomae Cant. * 201736
043v 1 Thomas manum mittit ad fortia... M R Thomae Cant. * 602324
043v 2 Clamat cunctis Thomae constantia... M V Thomae Cant. * 602324a