E-Tc (Toledo) 33.3


Liber horarum (i.e. type of book with chants, readings and prayers for the monastic ordo, i.e. hours except vespers, matutinum and mass) with material for the hours of the day. It has several lacunae.

Date: Mundó (1965) proposed that this manuscript was copied between 1192-1208, the date that he gave for the very similar E-Tc 35.4 (see http://musicahispanica.eu/source/20185). Most authors follow Mundó's dates (including Pinell, 1978). Other dates: ninth century (García Villada, 1923; Rojo and Prado, 1929; Millares Carlo, 1935 and 1961; Pinell, 1965; Randel, 1969); ninth or early-tenth century (Férotin, 1912; Clark, 1920; Brockett, 1968, proposing that this is the earliest of the Toledan manuscripts with musical notation); ninth century and also quoting Mundó's date (Randel, 1973); ninth to tenth century and also quoting Mundó's date (Gómez Muntané, 2001); beginning of the tenth century and also quoting Mundó's date (Millares Carlo, 1999).

Provenance: since it has been preserved for long in Toledo it is ascribed to that city. Due to its similarity with E-Tc 35.4, ascribed to the Mozarabic parish of Santa Eulalia of Toledo, Mundó (1965) and Gómez Muntané (2001, probably following Mundó), believe that it was copied there. However, there is not sufficient evidence to prove that E-Tc 35.4 was copied in or for this parish (see Rojo Carrillo, 2017).

Liturgical tradition: A.

Randel responsorial tone tradition: Toledo A.

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Ascribed to Toledo (see "Description" above).
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Late-twelfth to early-thirteenth century (Mundó, 1965) (see "Description" above).
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Raquel Rojo Carrillo


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007r 1 Miserere et parce nobis domine qui T ANT In tempore Quad.