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Manuale (type of Hispanic liturgical book containing the texts of the "proper liturgy" for the mass). It begins with an index added in the eighteenth century commissioned by cardinal Francisco Antonio de Lorenzana. It has a few palimpsests. Musical notation only in ff. 90v, 92v and 100v).

Date: after studying its palaeographical features Mundó (1965, p. 14) proposed that it was written towards 1100 or perhaps later (though in his table of sources in p. 21 he gives it the date "s. XI-XII", perhaps a typo since in p. 14 it places it under the title "Códices del siglo XII" and also writes that it might have been produced later than 1100). Most authors have adopted Mundó's dates (though the one in Mundó, 1965, p. 21, i.e. XI-XII). Other dates: ninth century (Clark, 1920; García Villada, 1923; Millares Carlo, 1935 and 1961; Randel, 1969); "IX (X)" (Brockett, 1968); tenth century (Asensio, 2003); ninth century but also quoting Mundó's date (Randel, 1973; Millares Carlo, 1999); tenth or eleventh centuries (Férotin, 1912). Gros (1978) proposes that most of it was written ca 1100 (following Mundó), but that another part of it was written in the thirteenth century (Fernández de la Cuesta, 1980, probably following Gros, writes something similar). Janini and Gonzálvez (1977) propose that a section of it was written in the eleventh century (63r-234v), while another section was written in the twelfth century (1r-62v).

Provenance: On folio 1r it has an annotation in an early fourteenth-century script indicating that it belongs to the church of Saint Eulalia, one of the Mozarabic parishes of Toledo; as previous scholars have noted (e.g Millares Carlo, 1935, p. 53), this does not mean that it was copied there.

Liturgical tradition: A.

Randel responsorial tone tradition: unknown.

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Ascribed to Toledo (see "Description" above).
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ca. 1100
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Raquel Rojo Carrillo (description), David Santana Cañas (index)


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