GB-Lbl (London) Add MS 30850


Franco-Roman antiphonary with material for the whole liturgical year (ff. 6r-240v), including part of a tonary (ff. 235r-241v), and a fragment of Old Hispanic antiphonary (ff. 1r-v and 3v) with material that in other Old Hispanic manuscripts is assigned for quotidian Sundays (e.g. E-L Ms 8, f. 281v onwards); ff. 2r-v, 3r and 4r-5v also seem to be misplaced or flyleaves extracted from a book very similar to the Franco-Roman antiphonary (same handwriting, notation and ruling of the parchment. Note that antiphonaries in the Old Hispanic rite have chants for the cathedral ordo (i.e. vespers, matutinum and mass, and, on penitential days only, also the hours of tertia, sexta and nona), while antiphonaries in the Franco-Roman rite contain the chants for all office hours (monastic ordo, i.e. all services except the mass). The sequences in f. 2r have been identified as 'Old Hispanic' (e.g. in Fernández de la Cuesta, 1985, p. XIX). However, the lack of cognates in any other Old Hispanic manuscript (Códice Álvaro is given by Fernández de la Cuesta, as an Old Hispanic manuscript with a cognate, but this manuscript, in fact, does not contain any other Old Hispanic material, so its sequence might be a Roman accretion), the liturgical assignments of these sequences ('de uno iusto' and 'de sanctis' in contrast with the Old Hispanic quotidian material in ff. 1r-v and 3v) and the codicology of this manuscript puts into question this identification. Before the current binding of GB-Lbl Add MS 30850, its fragment of Old Hispanic antiphonary in all likelihood served as the flyleaves of the Franco-Roman antiphonary, perhaps at its end. Maybe ff. 1r-v and 3r-v belonged to the same sheet 1r (hair) - 1v (skin) - 3v (skin) - 3r (hair); the last of these folios belongs to the Franco-Roman antiphonary, very likely recycling a blank page of the flyleaves. Drawings added to these folios also link them (and perhaps 5v too).
Notation: previous authors regard the notation of the main, Franco-Roman rite, part of this manuscript as 'Visigothic', i.e. Old Hispanic (see, e.g., Fernández de la Cuesta, 1985, p. X). However, several of its neumes do not exist in any Old Hispanic chant manuscript, e.g. its trigon or many of its compound neumes starting with a climacus. It is more accurate to call the notation of the main part of this manuscript Catalan notation. The fragment of Old Hispanic manuscript has no trace of having born any kind of Old Hispanic notation. Later hands added Aquitanian notation to some words of ff. 1r-v, and the melodic contours that they create are not alike those in any cognate of the Old Hispanic chants transmitted in this fragment - the Aquitanian neumes were very likely added informally as seems to be the case of the drawings in these folios. In f. 3v a few chants also have Aquitanian neumes in some of their syllables as well as Catalan neumes, just as those in the main, Franco-Roman, part of this manuscript. These neumes, as those in ff. 1r-v might have been added later and informally - their melodic contour is nothing alike that of the cognates of these chants in the Old Hispanic rite manuscripts.
Date: because its main section contains Roman liturgy and Old-Hispanic-like notation (which I noted is really closer to Catalan notation), previous scholars have proposed a copy-date very close to the official suppression of the Old Hispanic rite in the Iberian Península (i.e. after the Council of Burgos, 1080/1). Fernández de la Cuesta, 1985, p. XV, places its copy-date between 1081, i.e. after the council of Burgos, and 1088, i.e. before the consecration of the altar for Santo Domingo de Silos at the church of the abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos (which is the ascribed provenance of this manuscript), because this manuscript does not have a proper office for this saint.
Provenance: the whole codex is ascribed to the abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos because it was preserved there from the middle ages (see Boylan, 1992, pp. 69, 71-2) until it was sold to UK owners in the nineteenth century.
Liturgical tradition: unknown because it lacks Old Hispanic musical notation.
Randel responsorial tone tradition: unknown because it lacks Old Hispanic musical notation.

Add MS 30850
Ascribed to Santo Domingo de Silos (see 'Description' above)
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Note that the fragment with Old Hispanic chants (ff. 1r-v and 3v) belongs to the Old Hispanic rite's cathedral cursus. The bibliography of this entry is to be completed
ca. late-eleventh century (see 'Description' above)
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Raquel Rojo Carrillo, Pablo F. Cantalapiedra


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Submitted by Raquel Rojo Carrillo
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Chants of the source

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Folio Incipit Feast Mode Cantus ID
011v 4 Ecce in nubibus caeli P A Dom. 2 Adventus 2 002515
011v 5 Urbs fortitudinis T A Dom. 2 Adventus 7 005281
011v 6 Ecce apparebit dominus S A Dom. 2 Adventus 7 002492
011v 7 Ecce dominus noster N A Dom. 2 Adventus 4 002508
011v 8 Sede a dextris V2 A 1 Dom. 2 Adventus 1 004853
011v 9 Fidelia omnia V2 A 2 Dom. 2 Adventus 4 002865
011v 10 In mandatis ejus V2 A 3 Dom. 2 Adventus 003251
011v 11 Sit nomen domini V2 A 4 Dom. 2 Adventus 7 004971
011v 12 Tu exsurgens domine V2 R Dom. 2 Adventus r 007790
011v 13 Quia tempus V2 V Dom. 2 Adventus r 007790a
011v 14 Conditor alme* V2 H Dom. 2 Adventus 008284
011v 15 Beata es Maria quae credidisti... V2 A M Dom. 2 Adventus 8 001565
011v 16 Benedicta tu in mulieribus et... L A B Fer. 2 Hebd. 2 Adv. 4 001709
011v 17 Angelus domini nuntiavit Mariae et... V2 A M Fer. 2 Hebd. 2 Adv. 1 001414
011v 18 De caelo veniet dominator dominus... L A B Fer. 3 Hebd. 2 Adv. 002104
011v 19 Qui post me venit ante me V2 A M Fer. 3 Hebd. 2 Adv. 004493
011v 20 Veniet fortior me post me cujus L A b Fer. 4 Hebd. 2 Adv. 005339
011v 21 Hoc est testimonium quod perhibuit... V2 A M Fer. 4 Hebd. 2 Adv. 003082
012r 1 De Sion exibit lex et verbum L A B Fer. 5 Hebd. 2 Adv. 002119
012r 2 Levabit dominus signum in... V2 A M Fer. 5 Hebd. 2 Adv. 003607
012r 3 Juste et pie vivamus exspectantes... L A B Fer. 6 Hebd. 2 Adv. 2 003531
012r 4 Dicit dominus paenitentiam agite... V2 A M Fer. 6 Hebd. 2 Adv. 8 002195
012r 5 Tu Bethleem terra Juda non eris L A B Sabbato Hebd. 2 Adv. 005195
012r 6 Per ipsam te deprecor V R Luciae 007374
012r 7 Quae datura eras V V Luciae 007374a
012r 8 Virginis proles* V H Luciae 008411
012r 9 Elegit eam deus et praeelegit* V W Luciae 008046
012r 10 In tua patientia possedisti animam... V A M Luciae 003301
012r 11 Agnum sponsum virginum venite... M I Luciae 001021
012v 1 Jesu corona* M H Luciae 008330
012v 2 Lucia virgo venerabilis... M A 1.1 Luciae 003640
012v 3 Crede mater Agathen pro Christi... M A 1.2 Luciae 001942
012v 4 Continge ergo sepulcrum virginis... M A 1.3 Luciae 001906
012v 5 Orante sancta Lucia apparuit ei... M A 1.4 Luciae 7 004178
012v 6 Per te Lucia virgo civitas... M A 1.5 Luciae 8 004267
012v 7 Tanto pondere eam fixit spiritus... M A 1.6 Luciae 7 005110
012v 8 Diffusa est gratia in labiis tuis M W 1 Luciae 008014
012v 9 Lucia virgo quid a me petis M R 1.1 Luciae 7 007106
012v 10 Sicut per me civitas Catinensium... M V 1.1 Luciae 7 007106a
012v 11 Per ipsam te deprecor mater quae M R 1.2 Luciae 007374
013r 1 Quae datura eras pro corruptionis... M V 1.2 Luciae 007374a
013r 2 Si tibi gratum vis esse deum M R 1.3 Luciae 007654
013r 3 Non satis deo carus est quod M V 1.3 Luciae 007654a
013r 4 Grata facta est a domino in M R 1.4 Luciae F 006789
013r 5 Erecta namque in virtutis culmine... M V 1.4 Luciae F 006789b
013r 6 Fiebat interea praediorum ac... M A 2.1 Luciae 002869
013r 7 Tandem ad sponsi notitiam... M A 2.2 Luciae 005102
013r 8 Paschasius proconsularis Luciam... M A 2.3 Luciae 004222
013r 9 Beata Lucia dixit Paschasio... M A 2.4 Luciae 001569
013v 1 Ego per istos tres annos nihil M A 2.5 Luciae 002579
013v 2 Tu principum leges attendis ego... M A 2.6 Luciae 005217
013v 3 Specie tua et pulchritudine tua R M W 2 Luciae 008201
013v 4 Lucia virgo judici dixit... M R 2.1 Luciae 007105
013v 5 Hostiam sanctam viventem deo vivo... M V 2.1 Luciae 007105a
013v 6 Paschasius dixit cessabunt verba... M R 2.2 Luciae 007356
013v 7 Non vos Christus inquid loquimini... M V 2.2 Luciae 007356a
013v 8 Numquam inquinatur corpus nisi de... M R 2.3 Luciae 007243
013v 9 De sensibus enim et de... M V 2.3 Luciae 007243a
013v 10 Jussu impii Paschasii ubi beatam... M R 2.4 Luciae 007051
013v 11 Impellunt plurimi nec movetur... M V 2.4 Luciae 007051a
014r 1 Soror mea Lucia virgo deo devota M A 3.1 Luciae 004984
014r 2 Adjuvabit eam deus vultu suo* M W 3 Luciae 007934
014r 3 Quae sunt haec maleficia tua... R Luciae 007456
014r 4 Si alia decem milia adduxeris... M V 3.1 Luciae 007456a
014r 5 Rogavi dominum meum Jesum Christum... M R 3.2 Luciae 3 007550
014r 6 Ut credentibus timorem tollerent... M V 3.2 Luciae 3 007550b
014r 7 Quid cruciaris qui per diversa... M R 3.3 Luciae 007487
014r 8 Caste viventes apostolus Christi... M V 3.3 Luciae 007487a
014r 9 Lucia martyr invictissima sponsa... M R 3.4 Luciae 007104
014r 10 Judice confuso cuncto terrore... M V 3.4 Luciae 007104a
014v 1 Torquebatur animo paschasius et... L A 1 Luciae 005160
014v 2 In mediis flammis martyr invicta... L A 2 Luciae 003253
014v 3 Ego rogavi dominum meum Jesum... L A 3 Luciae 002584
014v 4 Ideo petivi indutias martyrii mei... L A 4 Luciae 003163
014v 5 Tunc in viscera ejus gladium mergi L A 5 Luciae 005241
014v 6 Adjuvabit eam deus vultu suo L R Luciae r 006042
014v 7 Deus in medio ejus non commovebitur L V Luciae r 006042a
014v 8 Virginis proles* L H Luciae 008411
014v 9 Elegit eam deus et praeelegit eam L W Luciae 008046
014v 10 Columna es immobilis Lucia martyr... L A B Luciae 1 001855
014v 11 Torquebatur P A Luciae 005160
014v 12 In mediis flammis T A Luciae 003253
014v 13 Ego rogavi dominum S A Luciae 002584
015r 1 Tunc in viscera N A Luciae 005241
015r 2 Torquebatur animo V2 A 1 Luciae 005160
015r 3 In mediis flammis V2 A 2 Luciae 003253
015r 4 Ego rogavi dominum V2 A 3 Luciae 002584
015r 5 Ideo petivi indutias V2 A 4 Luciae 003163
015r 6 Specie tua et pulchritudine tua V2 R Luciae r 007679
015r 7 Intende prospere procede et regna V2 V Luciae r 007679a
015r 8 Virginis proles* V2 H Luciae 008411
015r 9 Elegit eam deus et praeelegit* V2 W Luciae 008046
015r 10 Sicut civitas Catanensium habet... V2 A M Luciae 004928
015r 11 Bethleem civitas V R Dom. 3 Adventus 7 006254
015r 12 Loquetur pacem V V Dom. 3 Adventus 006254c
015r 13 Conditor alme* V H Dom. 3 Adventus 008284
015r 14 Rorate caeli desuper* V W Dom. 3 Adventus 008188
015r 15 Ne timeas Maria invenisti gratiam... V A M Dom. 3 Adventus 8 003863
015r 16 Rex noster adveniet Christus quem... M I Dom. 3 Adventus 4 001155
015r 17 Verbum supernum* M H Dom. 3 Adventus 008409