GB-Lbl (London) Add MS 30850


Franco-Roman antiphonary with material for the whole liturgical year (ff. 6r-240v), including part of a tonary (ff. 235r-241v), and a fragment of Old Hispanic antiphonary (ff. 1r-v and 3v) with material that in other Old Hispanic manuscripts is assigned for quotidian Sundays (e.g. E-L Ms 8, f. 281v onwards); ff. 2r-v, 3r and 4r-5v also seem to be misplaced or flyleaves extracted from a book very similar to the Franco-Roman antiphonary (same handwriting, notation and ruling of the parchment. Note that antiphonaries in the Old Hispanic rite have chants for the cathedral ordo (i.e. vespers, matutinum and mass, and, on penitential days only, also the hours of tertia, sexta and nona), while antiphonaries in the Franco-Roman rite contain the chants for all office hours (monastic ordo, i.e. all services except the mass). The sequences in f. 2r have been identified as 'Old Hispanic' (e.g. in Fernández de la Cuesta, 1985, p. XIX). However, the lack of cognates in any other Old Hispanic manuscript (Códice Álvaro is given by Fernández de la Cuesta, as an Old Hispanic manuscript with a cognate, but this manuscript, in fact, does not contain any other Old Hispanic material, so its sequence might be a Roman accretion), the liturgical assignments of these sequences ('de uno iusto' and 'de sanctis' in contrast with the Old Hispanic quotidian material in ff. 1r-v and 3v) and the codicology of this manuscript puts into question this identification. Before the current binding of GB-Lbl Add MS 30850, its fragment of Old Hispanic antiphonary in all likelihood served as the flyleaves of the Franco-Roman antiphonary, perhaps at its end. Maybe ff. 1r-v and 3r-v belonged to the same sheet 1r (hair) - 1v (skin) - 3v (skin) - 3r (hair); the last of these folios belongs to the Franco-Roman antiphonary, very likely recycling a blank page of the flyleaves. Drawings added to these folios also link them (and perhaps 5v too).
Notation: previous authors regard the notation of the main, Franco-Roman rite, part of this manuscript as 'Visigothic', i.e. Old Hispanic (see, e.g., Fernández de la Cuesta, 1985, p. X). However, several of its neumes do not exist in any Old Hispanic chant manuscript, e.g. its trigon or many of its compound neumes starting with a climacus. It is more accurate to call the notation of the main part of this manuscript Catalan notation. The fragment of Old Hispanic manuscript has no trace of having born any kind of Old Hispanic notation. Later hands added Aquitanian notation to some words of ff. 1r-v, and the melodic contours that they create are not alike those in any cognate of the Old Hispanic chants transmitted in this fragment - the Aquitanian neumes were very likely added informally as seems to be the case of the drawings in these folios. In f. 3v a few chants also have Aquitanian neumes in some of their syllables as well as Catalan neumes, just as those in the main, Franco-Roman, part of this manuscript. These neumes, as those in ff. 1r-v might have been added later and informally - their melodic contour is nothing alike that of the cognates of these chants in the Old Hispanic rite manuscripts.
Date: because its main section contains Roman liturgy and Old-Hispanic-like notation (which I noted is really closer to Catalan notation), previous scholars have proposed a copy-date very close to the official suppression of the Old Hispanic rite in the Iberian Península (i.e. after the Council of Burgos, 1080/1). Fernández de la Cuesta, 1985, p. XV, places its copy-date between 1081, i.e. after the council of Burgos, and 1088, i.e. before the consecration of the altar for Santo Domingo de Silos at the church of the abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos (which is the ascribed provenance of this manuscript), because this manuscript does not have a proper office for this saint.
Provenance: the whole codex is ascribed to the abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos because it was preserved there from the middle ages (see Boylan, 1992, pp. 69, 71-2) until it was sold to UK owners in the nineteenth century.
Liturgical tradition: unknown because it lacks Old Hispanic musical notation.
Randel responsorial tone tradition: unknown because it lacks Old Hispanic musical notation.

Add MS 30850
Ascribed to Santo Domingo de Silos (see 'Description' above)
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Note that the fragment with Old Hispanic chants (ff. 1r-v and 3v) belongs to the Old Hispanic rite's cathedral cursus. The bibliography of this entry is to be completed
ca. late-eleventh century (see 'Description' above)
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Raquel Rojo Carrillo, Pablo F. Cantalapiedra


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Submitted by Raquel Rojo Carrillo
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Chants of the source

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Folio Incipit Feast Mode Cantus ID
025r 12 Puer natus est nobis R. Et T W Nativitas Domini 008175
025r 13 Angelus ad pastores ait S A Nativitas Domini 7 001404
025r 14 Radix Jesse* S HV Nativitas Domini 008257c
025r 15 Ipse invocavit me pater* S W Nativitas Domini 008106
025r 16 Pastores dicite quidnam N A Nativitas Domini 8 004224
025r 17 Adam* N HV Nativitas Domini 008257f
025r 18 Tecum principium in die virtutis... V2 A 1 Nativitas Domini 005127
025r 19 Redemptionem misit dominus populo... V2 A 2 Nativitas Domini 004587
025v 1 Exortum est in tenebris lumen... V2 A 3 Nativitas Domini 7 002794
025v 2 Apud dominum misericordia et... V2 A 3 Nativitas Domini 001466
025v 3 In principio erat V2 R Nativitas Domini 1 006926
025v 4 Omnia per ipsum V2 V Nativitas Domini 1 006926a
025v 5 Veni redemptor gentium* V2 HV Nativitas Domini 008408a
025v 6 Benedictus qui venit in nomine... V2 W Nativitas Domini 007978
025v 7 Hodie Christus natus est hodie... V2 A M Nativitas Domini 6 003093
025v 8 Virgo hodie fidelis etsi verbum... V2 A Suff. Mariae Nat. 6 005452
025v 9 Gaudeamus omnes fideles salvator... A Suff. Mariae Nat. 002926
025v 10 Virgo verbo concepit virgo... A Suff. Mariae Nat. 2 005456
025v 11 Natus est nobis salvator mundi qui A Suff. Mariae Nat. 8 003857
025v 12 Lux orta est super nos quia A Suff. Mariae Nat. 1 003652
025v 13 Hodie intacta virgo deum nobis... A Suff. Mariae Nat. 6 003104
025v 14 Nesciens mater virgo virum peperit... A Suff. Mariae Nat. 6 003877
026r 1 Nato domino angelorum chori... A Suff. Mariae Nat. 8 003854
026r 2 Virgo dei genetrix quem totus non A Suff. Mariae Nat. 1 005448
026r 3 Virgo verbo concepit A Suff. Mariae Nat. 2 005456
026r 4 Nato domino angelorum A Suff. Mariae Nat. 8 003854
026r 5 Nesciens mater virgo virum A Suff. Mariae Nat. 6 003877
026r 6 Ave senior Stephane ave martyr... A Stephani 001545
026r 7 Christum natum qui beatum hodie... M I Stephani 4 001048
026r 8 Beatus Stephanus jugi legis dei... M A 1.1 Stephani 001665
026r 9 Constitutus a deo praedicator... M A 1.2 Stephani 2 001903
026v 1 In tribulatione lapidum se... M A 1.3 Stephani 3 003298
026v 2 Lumine vultus tui domine... M A 1.4 Stephani 003646
026v 3 Benedictionis tuae domine munere... M A 1.5 Stephani 5 001713
026v 4 Beatus Stephanus levita magnificus... M A 1.6 Stephani 1 001666
026v 5 Gloria et honore coronasti eum... M W 1 Stephani 008081
026v 6 Stephanus autem plenus gratia et... M R 1.1 Stephani 4 007702
026v 7 Surrexerunt quidam de synagoga... M V 1.1 Stephani 4 007702b
026v 8 Videbant omnes Stephanum qui erant... M R 1.2 Stephani 4 007852
027r 1 Plenus gratia et fortitudine... M V 1.2 Stephani 4 007852b
027r 2 Intuens in caelum beatus Stephanus... M R 1.3 Stephani 4 006984
027r 3 Cum autem esset Stephanus plenus... M V 1.3 Stephani 4 006984b
027r 4 Lapidabant Stephanum invocantem et... M R 1.4 Stephani 007072
027r 5 Positis autem genibus beatus... M V 1.4 Stephani 007072a
027r 6 In domino deo suo confisus fortis M A 2.1 Stephani 7 003226
027r 7 Sine macula beatus Stephanus... M A 2.2 Stephani 8 004962
027r 8 Domine virtus et laetitia rectorum... M A 2.3 Stephani 8 002396
027r 9 Laetabitur justus in domino et... M A 2.4 Stephani 7 003561
027r 10 Beatus quem elegisti domine... M A 2.5 Stephani 8 001660
027v 1 Justus ut palma florebit sicut... M A 2.6 Stephani 8 003552
027v 2 Posuisti domine super caput ejus R M W 2 Stephani 008170
027v 3 Hesterna die dominus natus est in M R 2.1 Stephani 006810
027v 4 Heri enim rex noster trabea carnis M V 2.1 Stephani 006810b
027v 5 Patefactae sunt januae caeli... M R 2.2 Stephani 4 007358
027v 6 Mortem enim quam salvator dignatus... M V 2.2 Stephani 4 007358a
027v 7 Impetum fecerunt unanimes in eum... M R 2.3 Stephani 1 006885
027v 8 Et testes deposuerunt vestimenta... M V 2.3 Stephani 1 006885b
027v 9 Impii super justum jacturam... M R 2.4 Stephani 7 006887
027v 10 Continuerunt aures suas et impetum... M V 2.4 Stephani 7 006887b
027v 11 Jerusalem Jerusalem quae occidis... M A 3 Stephani 3 003479
028r 1 Stephanus servus dei quem... M R 3.1 Stephani 8 007704
028r 2 Cum igitur saxorum crepitantium... M V 3.1 Stephani 8 007704b
028r 3 Corona aurea super caput ejus... M R 3.2 Stephani 3 006341
028r 4 Stola jucunditatis induit eum... M V 3.2 Stephani 3 006341b
028r 5 Lapides torrentis illi dulces... M R 3.3 Stephani 007075
028r 6 Vidit beatus Stephanus caelos... M V 3.3 Stephani 007075b
028r 7 Sancte dei pretiose protomartyr... M R 3.4 Stephani 1 007575
028r 8 Ut tuo propitiatus interventu... M V 3.4 Stephani 1 007575a
028r 9 Lapidaverunt Stephanum et ipse... L A 1 Stephani 8 003576
028r 10 Lapides torrentis illi dulces... L A 2 Stephani 7 003580
028r 11 Adhaesit anima mea post te quia L A 3 Stephani 3 001272
028r 12 Stephanus servus dei quem... L A 4 Stephani 005027
028v 1 Ecce video caelos apertos et Jesum L A 5 Stephani 002554
028v 2 Sancte Stephane Christi martyr... L R Stephani r 602106
028v 3 Et impetratam nobis caelitus tu... L V Stephani r 602106a
028v 4 Martyr dei qui unicum* L H Stephani 008346
028v 5 Corona aurea super caput ejus R L W Stephani 007997
028v 6 Patefactae sunt januae caeli... L A B Stephani 004229
028v 7 Lapidaverunt Stephanum P A Stephani 8 003576
028v 8 Lapides torrentis T A Stephani 7 003580
028v 9 Gloria et honore coronasti* T W Stephani 008081
028v 10 Adhaesit anima mea S A Stephani 3 001272
028v 11 Posuisti domine super* S W Stephani 008170
028v 12 Ecce video caelos apertos N A Stephani 002554
028v 13 Justus ut palma* N W Stephani 008117
028v 14 Lapidaverunt Stephanum et ipse... V2 A 1 Stephani 8 003576
028v 15 Lapides torrentis illi V2 A 2 Stephani 7 003580
028v 16 Ecce video caelos apertos V2 A 3 Stephani 002554
028v 17 Adhaesit anima mea V2 A 4 Stephani 8 001272
028v 18 Deus tuorum militum* V2 H Stephani 008294
028v 19 Corona aurea super* V2 W Stephani 007997
028v 20 Intuens in caelum beatus Stephanus... V2 A M Stephani 4 202627
029r 1 Ecce ego Joannes vidi ostium... V2 A Suff. Joannis Evang. 002511
029r 2 Adoremus regem apostolorum qui... M I Joannis Evang. 4 001013
029r 3 Aeterna Christi* M H Joannis Evang. 008252
029r 4 Joannes apostolus et evangelista... M A 1.1 Joannis Evang. 1 003494
029r 5 Supra pectus domini Jesu recumbens... M A 1.2 Joannis Evang. 2 005068
029r 6 Quasi unus ex paradisi fluminibus... M A 1.3 Joannis Evang. 3 004451
029r 7 In ferventis olei dolio missus... M A 1.4 Joannis Evang. 4 003234
029r 8 Occurrit beato Joanni ab exsilio... M A 1.5 Joannis Evang. 6 004105