GB-Lbl (London) Add MS 30850


Franco-Roman antiphonary with material for the whole liturgical year (ff. 6r-240v), including part of a tonary (ff. 235r-241v), and a fragment of Old Hispanic antiphonary (ff. 1r-v and 3v) with material that in other Old Hispanic manuscripts is assigned for quotidian Sundays (e.g. E-L Ms 8, f. 281v onwards); ff. 2r-v, 3r and 4r-5v also seem to be misplaced or flyleaves extracted from a book very similar to the Franco-Roman antiphonary (same handwriting, notation and ruling of the parchment. Note that antiphonaries in the Old Hispanic rite have chants for the cathedral ordo (i.e. vespers, matutinum and mass, and, on penitential days only, also the hours of tertia, sexta and nona), while antiphonaries in the Franco-Roman rite contain the chants for all office hours (monastic ordo, i.e. all services except the mass). The sequences in f. 2r have been identified as 'Old Hispanic' (e.g. in Fernández de la Cuesta, 1985, p. XIX). However, the lack of cognates in any other Old Hispanic manuscript (Códice Álvaro is given by Fernández de la Cuesta, as an Old Hispanic manuscript with a cognate, but this manuscript, in fact, does not contain any other Old Hispanic material, so its sequence might be a Roman accretion), the liturgical assignments of these sequences ('de uno iusto' and 'de sanctis' in contrast with the Old Hispanic quotidian material in ff. 1r-v and 3v) and the codicology of this manuscript puts into question this identification. Before the current binding of GB-Lbl Add MS 30850, its fragment of Old Hispanic antiphonary in all likelihood served as the flyleaves of the Franco-Roman antiphonary, perhaps at its end. Maybe ff. 1r-v and 3r-v belonged to the same sheet 1r (hair) - 1v (skin) - 3v (skin) - 3r (hair); the last of these folios belongs to the Franco-Roman antiphonary, very likely recycling a blank page of the flyleaves. Drawings added to these folios also link them (and perhaps 5v too).
Notation: previous authors regard the notation of the main, Franco-Roman rite, part of this manuscript as 'Visigothic', i.e. Old Hispanic (see, e.g., Fernández de la Cuesta, 1985, p. X). However, several of its neumes do not exist in any Old Hispanic chant manuscript, e.g. its trigon or many of its compound neumes starting with a climacus. It is more accurate to call the notation of the main part of this manuscript Catalan notation. The fragment of Old Hispanic manuscript has no trace of having born any kind of Old Hispanic notation. Later hands added Aquitanian notation to some words of ff. 1r-v, and the melodic contours that they create are not alike those in any cognate of the Old Hispanic chants transmitted in this fragment - the Aquitanian neumes were very likely added informally as seems to be the case of the drawings in these folios. In f. 3v a few chants also have Aquitanian neumes in some of their syllables as well as Catalan neumes, just as those in the main, Franco-Roman, part of this manuscript. These neumes, as those in ff. 1r-v might have been added later and informally - their melodic contour is nothing alike that of the cognates of these chants in the Old Hispanic rite manuscripts.
Date: because its main section contains Roman liturgy and Old-Hispanic-like notation (which I noted is really closer to Catalan notation), previous scholars have proposed a copy-date very close to the official suppression of the Old Hispanic rite in the Iberian Península (i.e. after the Council of Burgos, 1080/1). Fernández de la Cuesta, 1985, p. XV, places its copy-date between 1081, i.e. after the council of Burgos, and 1088, i.e. before the consecration of the altar for Santo Domingo de Silos at the church of the abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos (which is the ascribed provenance of this manuscript), because this manuscript does not have a proper office for this saint.
Provenance: the whole codex is ascribed to the abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos because it was preserved there from the middle ages (see Boylan, 1992, pp. 69, 71-2) until it was sold to UK owners in the nineteenth century.
Liturgical tradition: unknown because it lacks Old Hispanic musical notation.
Randel responsorial tone tradition: unknown because it lacks Old Hispanic musical notation.

Add MS 30850
Ascribed to Santo Domingo de Silos (see 'Description' above)
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Note that the fragment with Old Hispanic chants (ff. 1r-v and 3v) belongs to the Old Hispanic rite's cathedral cursus. The bibliography of this entry is to be completed
ca. late-eleventh century (see 'Description' above)
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Raquel Rojo Carrillo, Pablo F. Cantalapiedra


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Submitted by Raquel Rojo Carrillo
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Chants of the source

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Folio Incipit Feast Mode Cantus ID
029r 9 Apparuit caro suo Joanni dominus... M A 1.6 Joannis Evang. 7 001458
029v 1 Gloria et honore coronasti eum... M W 1 Joannis Evang. 008081
029v 2 Valde honorandus est beatus... M R 1.1 Joannis Evang. 2 007817
029v 3 Virgo est electus a domino atque M V 1.1 Joannis Evang. 2 007817b
029v 4 In illum die suscipiam te servum M R 1.2 Joannis Evang. 6 006906
029v 5 Esto fidelis usque ad mortem et M V 1.2 Joannis Evang. 6 006906b
029v 6 Qui vicerit faciam illum columnam... M R 1.3 Joannis Evang. 007486
029v 7 Vincenti dabo edere de ligno vitae M V 1.3 Joannis Evang. 007486b
029v 8 Hic est discipulus qui testimonium... M R 1.4 Joannis Evang. 7 006822
029v 9 Fluenta evangelii de ipso sacro... M V 1.4 Joannis Evang. 7 006822b
029v 10 Expandens manus suas ad deum dixit M A 2.1 Joannis Evang. 8 002795
029v 11 Propter insuperabilem... M A 2.2 Joannis Evang. 5 004397
030r 1 Iste est Joannes qui supra pectus M A 2.3 Joannis Evang. 1 003425
030r 2 Jugum enim meum suave est et M A 2.4 Joannis Evang. 7 003520
030r 3 Custodiebant testimonia ejus et... M A 2.5 Joannis Evang. 4 002083
030r 4 Tradent enim vos in conciliis et M A 2.6 Joannis Evang. 1 005164
030r 5 Constitues eos principes* M W 2 Joannis Evang. 007994
030r 6 Iste est Joannes qui supra pectus M R 2.1 Joannis Evang. 1 007001
030r 7 Valde honorandus est beatus... M V 2.1 Joannis Evang. 1 007001a
030r 8 Hic est beatissimus evangelista et... M R 2.2 Joannis Evang. 8 006819
030r 9 Hic est discipulus ille quem... M V 2.2 Joannis Evang. 8 006819a
030r 10 Diligebat autem eum Jesus quoniam... M R 2.3 Joannis Evang. 006454
030r 11 In cruce denique moriturus huic... M V 2.3 Joannis Evang. 006454a
030r 12 Sic eum volo manere donec veniat M R 2.4 Joannis Evang. 8 007655
030v 1 Exiit sermo inter fratres quod... M V 2.4 Joannis Evang. 8 007655b
030v 2 Domine Jesu Christe magister bone... M A 3 Joannis Evang. 002352
030v 3 Fulgebunt justi* M A 3 Joannis Evang. 002907
030v 4 Nimis honorati sunt amici tui deus M W 3 Joannis Evang. 008148
030v 5 Cibavit illum dominus panem vitae... M R 3.1 Joannis Evang. 006281
030v 6 In medio ecclesiae aperuit os suum M V 3.1 Joannis Evang. 006281a
030v 7 Ecce puer meus quem elegi dicit M R 3.2 Joannis Evang. 7 006603
030v 8 Sic eum volo manere donec veniam M V 3.2 Joannis Evang. 7 006603f
030v 9 Stolam jucunditatis induit eum... M R 3.3 Joannis Evang. 7 007710
030v 10 Beatificavit illum in gloria et... M V 3.3 Joannis Evang. 7 007710c
030v 11 In medio ecclesiae aperuit os ejus M R 3.4 Joannis Evang. 006913
030v 12 Misit dominus manum suam et... M V 3.4 Joannis Evang. 006913a
030v 13 Hic est discipulus ille qui... L A 1 Joannis Evang. 003051
030v 14 Hic est discipulus meus sic eum L A 2 Joannis Evang. 003052
031r 1 Ecce puer meus electus quem elegi L A 3 Joannis Evang. 1 002536
031r 2 Sunt de hic stantibus qui non L A 4 Joannis Evang. 005056
031r 3 Sic eum volo manere donec veniam L A 5 Joannis Evang. 004923
031r 4 Justus ut palma florebit in domo L R Joannis Evang. r 007061
031r 5 Sicut cedrus Libani multiplicabitur L V Joannis Evang. r 007061a
031r 6 Exsultet caelum* L H Joannis Evang. 008301
031r 7 Corona aurea super caput ejus R L W Joannis Evang. 007997
031r 8 Domine suscipe me ut cum fratribus L A B Joannis Evang. 4 002391
031r 9 Hic est discipulus P A Joannis Evang. 003051
031r 10 Hic est discipulus T A Joannis Evang. 003052
031r 11 In omnem terram exivit* T W Joannis Evang. 008097
031r 12 Ecce puer meus S A Joannis Evang. 1 002536
031r 13 Constitues eos* S W Joannis Evang. 007994
031r 14 Sunt de hic stantibus N A Joannis Evang. 005056
031r 15 Nimis honorati sunt* N W Joannis Evang. 008148
031r 16 Hic est discipulus V2 A 1 Joannis Evang. 003051
031r 17 Hic est discipulus V2 A 2 Joannis Evang. 003052
031r 18 Ecce puer meus electus V2 A 3 Joannis Evang. 1 002536
031r 19 Sunt de hic stantibus V2 A 4 Joannis Evang. 005056
031r 20 Iste est Joannes V2 R Joannis Evang. 1 007001
031r 21 Valde honorandus V2 V Joannis Evang. 1 007001a
031r 22 Exsultet caelum* V2 H Joannis Evang. 008301
031r 23 Valde honorandus est beatus... V2 W Joannis Evang. 008230
031r 24 Iste est Joannes V2 A M Joannis Evang. 1 003425
031v 1 Innocentes pro Christo infantes... R A Nat. Innocentium 2 003351
031v 2 Adoremus salvatoris venerantes... M I Nat. Innocentium 2 001018
031v 3 Herodes videns quia illusus esset... M A 1.1 Nat. Innocentium 1 003035
031v 4 Novit dominus viam justorum qui in M A 1.2 Nat. Innocentium 003965
031v 5 Clamant clamant clamant dominum... M A 1.3 Nat. Innocentium 001822
031v 6 Audebat parvulos occisorum glaudio... M A 1.4 Nat. Innocentium 200432
031v 7 Dabo sanctis meis locum... M A 1.5 Nat. Innocentium 002095
031v 8 Sinite parvulos venire ad me... M A 1.6 Nat. Innocentium 004966
031v 9 O beata lactantium gloria quibus... M A Nat. Innocentium 003995
032r 1 Justorum animae in manu dei sunt M W 1 Nat. Innocentium 008114
032r 2 Sub altare dei audivi voces... M R 1.1 Nat. Innocentium 007713
032r 3 Vidi sub altare dei animas... M V 1.1 Nat. Innocentium 007713a.1
032r 4 Effuderunt sanguinem sanctorum... M R 1.2 Nat. Innocentium 3 006624
032r 5 Posuerunt mortalia servorum tuorum... M V 1.2 Nat. Innocentium 3 006624b
032r 6 Adoraverunt viventem in saecula... M R 1.3 Nat. Innocentium 006050
032r 7 Et ceciderunt in conspectu throni... M V 1.3 Nat. Innocentium 006050b
032r 8 Isti sunt sancti qui passi sunt M R 1.4 Nat. Innocentium 3 007022
032r 9 Vindica domine sanguinem sanctorum... M V 1.4 Nat. Innocentium 3 007022a
032r 10 Licuit sanguinem loqui quibus... M A 2.1 Nat. Innocentium 003627
032r 11 Herodes videns M A 2.2 Nat. Innocentium 1 003035
032r 12 Licuit sanguinem M A 2.3 Nat. Innocentium 003627
032r 13 Ecce vidi agnum stantem supra... M A 2.4 Nat. Innocentium 002555
032v 1 Norunt infantes laudare deum qui... M A 2.5 Nat. Innocentium 003952
032v 2 Dignus a dignis laudatur et... M A 2.6 Nat. Innocentium 6 002222
032v 3 Probat novos exercitus Christi... V2 A M Nat. Innocentium 004388
032v 4 Exsultent justi in conspectu dei* M W 2 Nat. Innocentium 008070
032v 5 Cantabant sancti canticum novum... M R 2.1 Nat. Innocentium 006266
032v 6 Sub throno dei omnes sancti... M V 2.1 Nat. Innocentium 006266a
032v 7 Isti sunt sancti qui non... M R 2.2 Nat. Innocentium 8 007021
032v 8 Hi sunt qui cum mulieribus non M V 2.2 Nat. Innocentium 8 007021a
032v 9 Coronavit eos dominus corona... M R 2.3 Nat. Innocentium 3 006342
032v 10 Laverunt stolas suas et candidas... M V 2.3 Nat. Innocentium 3 006342c
032v 11 Concede nobis domine quaesumus... M R 2.4 Nat. Innocentium 1 006305
033r 1 Adjuvent nos eorum merita quos... M V 2.4 Nat. Innocentium 1 006305a
033r 2 O quam gloriosum est regnum in M A 3 Nat. Innocentium 004063
033r 3 Laetamini in domino et exsultate... M W 3 Nat. Innocentium 008120
033r 4 Ecce vidi agnum stantem supra... M R 3.1 Nat. Innocentium 006617
033r 5 Quattuor animalia viginti quattuor... M V 3.1 Nat. Innocentium 006617e