US-NYhsa (New York) B2916


Liber misticus (type of manuscript with chants, readings and prayers for the Hispanic rite's cathedral ordo). It contains the public liturgy for St Martin (ff. 1r-51v), St Aemilian (ff. 52r-88v), and for the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (ff. 88v-99v, in its largest extant version). The readings for the liturgy of these days includes Saint Martin's vita by Sulpicius Severus and St Aemilian's vita by Braulio of Zaragoza. Its notation is vertical but there are some chants using Aquitanian notation added to the margins of ff. 1r y 51v-52r; there are also diagrams using alphabetic notation added on ff. 98v-99r in the late twelfth or early thirteenth century.

Date: mid-eleventh century or second quarter of the eleventh century (Boynton, 2011, 2007 and 2002); mid-eleventh century (Mundó, 1965); eleventh century (Fernández de la Cuesta, 1983; Clark, 1920; Férotin, 1912); tenth century or, following Mundó, mid-eleventh century (Gómez Muntané, 2001; Randel, 1973 and 1969); tenth century (Pinell, 1965 and 1957; Brou, 1955) 2013-15; Millares Carlo et al., 1999; Rojo y Prado, 1929; Férotin, 1912); twelfth century (Riaño, 1887, though he also lists this manuscript under the heading for eleventh and twelfth century manuscripts).

Provenance: Monastery of San Millán de la Cogolla (proposed by Boynton, 2011, 2007 and 2002, because it contains the only extant long version of the Hispanic rite office of St Aemilian, including a prayer that mentions him as a patron – though this Saint was a patron of many churches in Northern Spain – and because she finds similiarities between its musical notation and that in E-Mah Cod. 56); possibly northern Spain (Randel, 1973 and 1969, based on its notation and melodic characteristics). Boynton (2002) indicates that there was a Vita of St Aemilian listed in a thirteenth century catalogue of Silos, which could refer to this misticus, and notes that the inventories of the Chapter Library of Toledo's Cathedral do not mention any codex that could be identified with this one until the thirteenth 1455, and thus proposes that it arrived in Toledo in the fifteenth century. Francisco Santiago de Palomares made copies of some folios of this manuscript when he was working for Burriel in Toledo Cathedral. In 1869 Don Críspulo Avecilla did some other copies of this manuscript for Barbieri. Riaño also made copies for Barbieri, but the place where the manuscript was held at that time is unknown. Archer Huntington (1870-1955), founder of the Hispanic Society of America, acquired this manuscript sometime between 1895 and 1914 (Boyton, 2009) and the scholarly community ignored that it was held in the Library of this Society until Boynton found it there in 2001.

Liturgical tradition: A

Randel responsorial tone tradition: La Rioja

Source type: 
See "Description" above
Manuscript / Print: 
Page layout (mm): 
99 sheets of 193 x 135 mm (Boynton, 2002)
See "Description" above
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Antonio Olea Baeza (index), Raquel Rojo Carrillo (description)


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Submitted by Raquel Rojo Carrillo
Post date: 01 Apr 2022 | Last update: 15 Jan 2024

Chants of the source

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Folio Incipit Feast Mode Cantus ID
001v 1 Confessio et pulchritudo in... V VPR Martini h03336
001v 2 Sanctitas et magnificentia in... V VPRV Martini h03336a
001v 3 Dispersit et dedit pauperibus... V SNO Martini h00203
001v 4 Cornu ejus exaltabitur in gloria... V SNOV Martini h00203a
001v 5 Beatus qui cogitat de pauperem in V ANT Martini h02597
001v 6 Dominus conservet eum * V ANTV Martini h02597a
001v 7 Beatus vir qui non habiit in V ALL Martini h01155
001v 8 Gloria et divitiae * V ALLV Martini * h01155a
001v 9 Martine confessor dei valens... V H Martini * 008344
002r 1 Dispersit et dedit * V VRS Martini * h04561
002v 1 Deus in adjutorium * V VRS Martini * h01103
002v 2 Sicut cervus * V VRS Martini * h04517
002v 3 Beatus vir qui non * V ANT Martini * h02618
002v 4 Beatus qui intelligit * V ANT Martini * h02602
002v 5 Confitebor tibi domine in toto... V ANT Martini * h01496
002v 6 Beatus vir qui timet * V ALL Martini * h01156
002v 7 Domine probasti me * V ALL Martini * h00331
002v 8 Lauda * V ALLV Martini * h00331c
003r 1 Noctis tempus * V H Martini * a01756
003r 2 Sicut cervus desiderat ad fontes... V VRS Martini * h04517
003r 3 Suscepisti me de utero matris meae V ANT Martini h04248
003r 4 Mira opera * V ANTV Martini * h04248c
003v 1 Confitebor tibi domine quoniam... V ANT Martini h02720
003v 2 Laetabor * V ANTV Martini * h02720a
003v 3 Confitebor tibi domine rex... V ALL Martini h01183
004r 1 Confitebor * V ALLV Martini * h01183a
004r 2 Labia sacerdotis custodiunt... V RS Martini h02320
004v 1 Sacerdos qui de ore suo profert V RSV Martini h02320a
013v 1 Corde creditur ad justitiam ore... V ANT Martini h02764
013v 2 Magna est gloria est * V ANTV Martini * h02764a
013v 3 Certa bonum certamen fidei... V ANT Martini h02678
014r 1 Delectare in * V ANTV Martini * h02678a
014r 2 Ego te augebo et multiplicabo... V ALL Martini h01277
014v 1 Potens in terra * V ALLV Martini * h01277a
014v 2 Multiplicasti misericordiam tuam... V RS Martini h02378
014v 3 Quia ostendisti mihi tribulationes... V RSV Martini h02378a
024r 1 Qui recipit justum in nomine justi V ANT Martini h04073
024r 2 Qui ingreditur * V ANTV Martini * h04073a
024v 1 Omnis qui me confessus fuerit... V ANT Martini h03830
024v 2 Dominus conservet eum * V ANTV Martini * h03830a
025r 1 Adorabo ad templum sanctum tuum... V ALL Martini h01071
025r 2 O domine ego * V ALLV Martini * h01071a
025v 1 Iste homo in professione sua non V RS Martini h02305
025v 2 Dispersit et dedit pauperibus... V RSV Martini h02305a
034v 1 Confitebor tibi domine in toto... V ANT Martini h01496
034v 2 Quoniam fecisti judicium * V ANTV Martini * h01496a
035r 1 Confitebor tibi domine in toto... V ANT Martini h01497
035r 2 Narrabo nomen tuum * V ANTV Martini * h01497a
035r 3 Ego in saecula gaudebo alleluia... V ALL Martini h00200
035v 1 Convertere domine * V ALLV Martini * h00200a
035v 2 Confitebor tibi domine deus meus... V RS Martini h00201
035v 3 Exaltabo te domine rex meus et V RSV Martini h00201a
045v 1 Gloria mea deus et exaltans caput MH ANT 3 Martini h01599
045v 2 In memoria aeterna erit justus ab MH ANT Martini h03511
045v 3 Beatus qui intelligit * MH ANTV Martini * h03511a
046r 1 Si ceciderit justus non... MH ANT Martini h04206
046r 2 Junior fui * MH ANTV Martini * h04206a
046v 1 Ecce intelleget puer meus et... MH ALL Martini h01259
046v 2 [...] MH ALLV Martini
047r 1 Manum suam aperuit inopi et palmas MH RS Martini h02344
047r 2 Dispersit dedit pauperibus... MH RSV Martini h02344b
047v 1 Jucundus homo qui miseretur et... MH ANT Martini h03601
047v 2 In aeternum servabo * MH ANTV Martini * h03601b
048r 1 Dispersit dedit pauperibus... MH ANT Martini h02862
048r 2 Manus enim * MH ANTV Martini * h02862a
048r 3 Tota die justus miseretur et... MH ALL Martini h01940
048v 1 Potens in * MH ALLV Martini * h01940e
048v 2 Junior fui et senui et non MH RS Martini h02315
048v 3 Os justi meditabitur sapientiam et... MH RSV Martini h02315b
049r 1 Qui custodit sapientiam salvus... MH ANT Martini h04061
049r 2 Factus est in pace * MH ANTV Martini * h04061a
049v 1 Beatus qui intelligit super egenum... MH ANT Martini h02602
049v 2 Dominus opem ferat * MH ANTV Martini * h02602c
049v 3 In lege domini alleluia... MH ALL Martini h00593
049v 4 Gloria et divitiae * MH ALLV Martini * h00593b
050r 1 Inveni unum justum qui placuit... MH RS Martini h02302
050v 1 In aeternum servabo illi... MH RSV Martini h02302a
050v 2 Laudavit lingua mea justitias tuas... MH ANT 50 Martini h01737
050v 3 Miserere * MH ANTV 50 Martini * h01737a
050v 4 Ecce servus meus suscipiam illum... MH ANT C Martini h01759
051r 1 Dedi spiritum * MH ANTV C Martini * h01759a
051r 2 Benedictio domini super caput... MH BNMT Martini h00192
051r 3 Benedictus es * MH BNMTV Martini * h00192a
051r 4 Dispersit et dedit * MH SNO Martini * h00203
051v 1 Alleluia Virga Jesse floruit virgo... MH Al Martini 507002
052r 1 Adhaesi testimoniis tuis domine... V VPR Aemiliani Cucullati h00999
052r 2 Viam veritatis elegi judicia tua... V VPRV Aemiliani Cucullati h00999a
052r 3 Pacem deus reddidit in se... V Al Aemiliani Cucullati 507002
052v 1 Deus meus es tu et contifebor V SNO Aemiliani Cucullati h01633
052v 2 Coronavit eum dominus et benedixit... V ANT Aemiliani Cucullati h01493
052v 3 Vitam petit * V ANTV Aemiliani Cucullati * h01493d
052v 4 Corona gratiarum coronavit eum... V ALL Aemiliani Cucullati h00187
052v 5 Beatus vir qui timet * V ALLV Aemiliani Cucullati * h00187c
052v 6 O magnae rerum * V H Aemiliani Cucullati * a06802
053v 1 Gloria mea deus * MH ANT 3 Aemiliani Cucullati * h01599
053v 2 In conspectu sanctorum tuorum... MH ANT Aemiliani Cucullati h03486
053v 3 Confitebor tibi * MH ANTV Aemiliani Cucullati * h03486a
054r 1 Suscepisti me de utero matris meae MH ANT Aemiliani Cucullati h04248
054r 2 Adorabo ad templum * MH ANTV Aemiliani Cucullati * h04248a
054v 1 Alleluia confitebor tibi domine in... MH ALL Aemiliani Cucullati h01081