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This codex is a collection of diverse fragments from diverse provenance, and which was constituted in the library of Jacques-Auguste de Thou, and then it belonged to Jean-Baptiste Colbert. It has different components from the parts numbered from I to X, in the lower margin of the f. 1, 39, 48, 52, 60, 69, 77, 84 and 96, by the librarian Colbert, Etienne Baluze (this is the BnF's description). The codex actually has 150 folios, but only the first 38 are Visigothic. It contains only a few non-liturgical pieces (Randel, 1973, p. XIX) and some of them are notated. The firsts folios are written in two columns, but the first one is only written in one. On the external features, the codex seems to have uniformity, and it is bounded with a red cover that contains royal symbols. This uniformity disappears from the fifth quaternion, which is written from a different hand (the first part) and which has a different structure (Vendrell, 1992, p. 150).

Provenance: unknown, but it belonged first to the library of Jacques-Auguste de Thou, and then to Jean-Baptiste Colbert.

Date: most author date this codex as eighth to ninth century, following Randel (1973, p. XIX). Vendrell (1992, pp. 149-150) collects information about the different dates of this codex following some authors: also eighth to ninth century, following Vollmer (1905) and Clark (1920. Clark did not work directly with the codex, and he gives this information following Loewe, who thinks that this codex was copied on ninth century, and Rossi, who thinks that it was copied on eight century).

latin 8093
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DIGITAL REFERENCE: BnF's description of “Archives and Manuscripts” section. Département des Manuscrits, Latin 8093.
URL: https://archivesetmanuscrits.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cc673547

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